DFree's ultrasound sensor tells you when it's time to pee

This wearable smart gadget, launched at CES 2019, wants to help those suffering from incontinence.

Andrew Gebhart Former senior producer
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Triple W

Among the many wearables to monitor heart rate and the sensors for motion and temperature at CES , DFree by startup Triple W stands apart and serves a unique purpose. DFree stands for "diaper free" and it's meant to help adults suffering from incontinence.

After a soft launch in October, DFree is on display at the big tech show here in Vegas, and the startup behind it is offering the relatively expensive $500 sensor for rent if customers want to try it out for $40 a month. The rental program is only available to customers in the continental US, and DFree can't yet be shipped to the UK or Australia as it's not certified for use in those countries. (The US price converts to roughly £400 or AU$700.)

The sensor itself uses two connected pieces and ultrasound to sense the changing size of your bladder. Once it reaches a customizable threshold, you can get a push notification telling you to head to the bathroom. The notification can also be sent to your loved ones if they need to help. Triple W even offers the system at a professional scale so multiple sensors can communicate with a single base station that can be monitored by nurses at a hospital or elder care facility.

Watch this: DFree monitors your bladder so you know when you need to pee at CES 2019

The main, battery-powered piece clips to your belt or fits in your pocket. You need to put the second, smaller sensor directly on your stomach with tape after applying ultrasound gel. Lights on the device will help you find the right spot.

The battery only lasts for 24 hours and takes four to charge, so you'll need to reattach the sensor everyday. The iOS and Android app will chart the daily patterns of your bladder to help predict the right time to take it off.

While DFree isn't cheap and using it isn't nearly as easy as strapping on a wristband, I'm guessing the benefits will be worth the tedium to some in exchange for more independence and ridding themselves of diapers.

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