Alarm.com's smart security setup adds Apple TV app, Amazon Echo controls

New system integrations mean that you'll be able to control your Alarm.com setup on your television -- or by chatting with Alexa.

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With Alarm.com's Apple TV app, you'll be able to view and control the feeds of any web-connected cameras in your setup straight from your television set.


Virginia-based smart security provider Alarm.com is bringing system controls to television sets equipped with Apple TV, and to the Amazon Echo smart speaker, too.

On the Apple TV front, system users can download the Alarm.com app on their television to watch and control the web-connected cameras in their home. The app is compatible with the Apple TV's new touch remote, enabling users to pan and tilt the feed using touch gestures.

This isn't the first time Alarm.com has integrated its service into the Apple ecosystem. Last year, it was one of the first third-party systems to release an app for the Apple Watch.

Here's what works with the Amazon Echo

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As for Amazon Echo, you'll now be able to control your system's devices by talking to Alexa, the speaker's cloud-connected, voice-activated AI. You can control devices individually, or group devices to control them all at once. Saying, "Alexa, turn off the downstairs lights" could turn off multiple smart switches in your home all at once, for instance.

That makes Alarm.com one of a growing number of services and devices to jump on board with Echo as a means of offering voice control. The popular speaker can already control Philips Hue and Lifx LEDs, Belkin WeMo Switches, and Scout Home Security systems, among others.