CES 2019: HiMirror wants to help track your weight

HiMirror has a new smart scale, as well as a skin analyzer, at the year's biggest tech show.

Megan Wollerton Former Senior Writer/Editor

HiMirror has a Smart Body Scale at CES 2019 -- as well as a HiSkin skin analyzer (not pictured).


HiMirror has a couple of new devices at CES 2019 -- the Smart Body Scale and the HiSkin.

The Smart Body Scale is supposed to measure weight, body mass index (or BMI), basal metabolic rate, total body water, skeletal muscle mass and bone mass. 

It's also supposed to be able to determine muscle to fat ratios and suggest exercises for you.

We've tested out the Naked Labs Body Scanner, a device that rotates while you stand on it to create a 3D image of your body with your measurements and changes over time. 

HiMirror's second new product at CES, the HiSkin, is supposed to check your skin's hydration and melanin levels on your forehead, eyes, upper check, lower cheek and neck. The HiSkin is designed to be used with a HiMirror, an existing skin analysis mirror sold by the company.

Both the Smart Body Scale and the HiSkin sound intriguing, but I'm skeptical of the HiSkin and how it works with the HiMirror to analyze things like hydration. We'll just have to take a closer look for ourselves.

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