Vivint outdoor camera tells you when someone's there

The Outdoor Camera Pro joins Vivint's home security lineup with live streaming and "lurker detection."

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The Outdoor Camera Pro is Vivint's latest product addition.


Home security company Vivint just added a new device to its roster -- the Outdoor Camera Pro. 

Vivint, like ADT AT&T Digital Life  and Comcast Xfinity Home, is a professional home security company. Pay a required monthly fee and Vivint will install a variety of sensors, cameras and other gadgets and use them to monitor your home for you. You can check in on the status of your house remotely via the Vivint app -- and arm and disarm the system as needed, either from the app or from the touchscreen display hub. 

Vivint's Outdoor Camera Pro has a 4K image sensor and 1080p HD resolution, like the Nest Cam IQ Outdoor. The camera also records and saves video clips that Vivint says you can share with neighbors and law enforcement straight from the app. You should also be able to customize your notifications so you only receive them when you want -- 24/7, on a certain schedule -- or when your Vivint system is armed. 

Sold as part of a Vivint home security system, the Outdoor Camera Pro has live streaming, a 140-degree field of view, motion detection, customizable surveillance zones and a "Smart Sentry" feature. 

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Set a surveillance zone in the Vivint app and the system will alert you when it detects a person in that specific area. The Smart Sentry feature takes person detection a step further by promising to differentiate between people simply walking past your property and people "lurking." Set a time from one to 90 seconds in the app to define what you consider "lurking" on your property. 

For example, if you set person detection at 60 seconds, the camera will only alert you and turn on its red LED light and warning sound (there are five different warning tones available) if it detects someone lingering in the area for at least one minute. 

When you receive the alert, you should also get an image of the person and have the option to talk to them from your phone via the camera's built-in microphone and speaker -- and/or turn on the camera's siren.

The Outdoor Camera Pro is available through Vivint, along with other add-on devices like smart locks, thermostats and other connected products. Find out more here.

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