Deep Sentinel system monitors your home with real security guards

The Smart Home Surveillance System by Deep Sentinel employs actual security guards to watch your home -- remotely.

Megan Wollerton Former Senior Writer/Editor
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The Deep Sentinel Smart Home Surveillance System uses a hardware kit and actual security guards to keep watch. 

Deep Sentinel

Deep Sentinel is taking home security to a new level with its Smart Home Surveillance System. The kit costs $399 and includes three cameras with wall mounts, a hub and four rechargeable lithium-ion batteries.  It also relies on an actual "video surveillance team" to keep an eye on things remotely via the cameras.

The surveillance guards don't keep watch 24/7. Deep Sentinel says its "advanced deep learning AI" can tell the difference between a possible intruder and other types of activity. So, the guards instead rely on algorithms to tell them if something requires a closer look. Then, if they see a security breach, they'll contact emergency services or law enforcement. 

The concept of "surveillance guards" is intriguing, but it sounds roughly the same as any professional monitoring service. Here's how it typically works with security systems from ADT, Vivint and other major companies: Folks in a call center monitor your system for activity and if they detect activity and a potential threat, they contact emergency services. 

The main difference, then, is how much the person monitoring your system remotely can get involved. Deep Sentinel guards can see your footage and even speak to a potential intruder via the cameras' two-way intercom. 

"This level of service does not exist. Other services respond to sensors not incident.  Deep Sentinel camera detects the motion and analyzed by the AI such as a leaf falling vs real movement of a crime," Deep Sentinel CEO, David Selinger, says.   

The cameras have 1080p HD resolution, 130-degree lenses, night vision and two-way audio. They can be used outside and have integrated 104-decibel sirens and strobe lights. 

The hub saves recorded video locally and has a roughly six-month storage capacity, although I imagine that varies based on the activity around your home.

On top of the $399 system, Deep Sentinel's service costs $50 per month with a one-year commitment.

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