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18 Best Father's Day Gifts for New Dads and Soon-to-Be Dads

Celebrate his new role as "Dada" with these thoughtful and meaningful first Father's Day gifts.

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matching gamer tees

A dad's first Father's Day is a big deal. It marks his entry into a whole new club, one filled with diaper duty, baby bottles, newborn snuggles and some of the happiest days of one's life. It's rewarding and challenging all at once, especially when Dad finds himself staying up until 2 a.m. but not because he's painting the town red. That's why if there's a new or soon-to-be dad in your life, they deserve a special Father's Day gift that will commemorate their new role.

These Father's Day gifts run the gamut from practical to indulgent to hilarious. He'll love getting a stylish diaper bag to help haul his new supply of wipes and Pampers, and he'll be equally thankful for a much-needed coffee subscription. The new dad will appreciate an indulgent gift like booze-flavored ice cream and will laugh out loud at a children's book that begs the kid to go to sleep already.

The new dad or dad-to-be might not understand the significance of some of these items for a while, but he'll appreciate them soon enough. If he thinks he needs coffee now, he's about to have a whole new understanding of caffeine. If he doesn't really think he needs a diaper bag... well, he definitely does. Get that man a Father's Day gift.

Thoughtful first Father's Day gifts  


If the soon-to-be or new dad has a short family leave, help him keep his newborn close by with an Aura digital frame. It's Wi-Fi connected, making it easy to upload his favorite photos or videos. It can also display pictures side by side, negating the need for him to choose his favorite one to display. If he already had his baby, you can even upload some photos prior to gifting the frame to him, making it extra sentimental.


If you're getting a gift to a new dad, bring out all the feels by giving him a shirt embroidered with a photo of him with his newborn. Choose an image he can't stop looking at, and then have it transferred onto a T-shirt, but in a paired-down, minimalist style. It'll instantly become his new favorite thing to wear. These custom shirts start at $36 and go up from there.


His hands are about to be full around the clock, so scrolling on his phone or catching up on his favorite TV shows is going to become difficult. But though he might be occupied with countless late-night feedings, those are moments when he could catch snippets of something. Give him a "third hand" with this gooseneck phone holder, which can easily attach to a side table, headboard or any other nearby surface.

The Dad Hoodie

If your new dad isn't the type to stress out and overpack a massive diaper bag when it's time to leave the house with the newborn, then they might appreciate the Dad Hoodie. This zip-up doubles as a nondescript diaper bag, thanks to its discreet pockets inside. There are enough pockets to hold everything from diapers to wet wipes to a bottle. He'll have everything he'll possibly need on hand.

Russell Holly/CNET

Whether he takes on the night shift and is in charge of the 3 a.m. feedings or clocks on early in the morning at 6, he's going to need entertainment to stay awake. It's much easier not to fall asleep when your mind is engaged with an interesting story, which is where an Audible subscription comes in. The Audible Plus Subscription opens up access to over 11,000 titles, podcasts and even meditation programs. You can gift him three months for $45, six months for $90 or 12 months for $150.

Tipsy Scoop

New parents love ice cream. When you're constantly taking care of a little one, taking a break to savor a pint is the ultimate reward. And what's even better than ice cream? Boozy ice cream. Popular New York-based Tipsy Scoop offers a medley of liquor-infused flavors, including spiked hazelnut coffee, vanilla bean bourbon, strawberry sangria sorbet and more. Our favorite was the chocolate whiskey salted caramel ice cream, but all of them are delicious. 

Note that if you live outside of New York and the surrounding area, shipping can be expensive. So check the total and the shipping costs before determining whether you order through Tipsy or Goldbelly.


Summer is the perfect time to relax with your new baby outdoors. Voited's Ripstop outdoor pillow blanket is insulated and water-resistant, great for camping, picnics, or just hanging out in the backyard. We love its versatility: Use it as a blanket or sleeping sack, or stuff it into itself and use it as a pillow. The water-resistant, machine-washable blanket is 54 by 80 inches, so it's big enough to share. 


Commemorate his induction to fatherhood with a personalized pint glass that reads "Dad est. 2024." It won't break your budget, and it's a fun way to celebrate his impending role. This 16-ounce glass is dishwasher safe, because you know he'll need low-maintenance glassware once the baby arrives. Cheers!


A diaper bag is a crucial piece of baby gear, so why not give one to the dad-to-be? He can prepare for his new life and pack it full of diapers and wipes. State Bag's lightweight Lorimer backpack comes in olive, black, navy, latte or sienna. It includes an insulated bottle pocket, changing pad and other important elements that he'll understand soon. It even fits a laptop.


This hugely popular book is for the new dad who has a sense of humor. It contains a lot of profanity, so it's for adults only, obviously. If he gets a laugh out of it, have him tune in to the audio version, which is narrated by Samuel L. Jackson.


He's leveling up to parenthood, but that doesn't mean the dad-to-be can't still have fun. This set includes a tee for dad and a onesie for his sidekick, who just might grow up to game alongside Pops. Adult sizes small to XXXL are available, and you can choose black, gray or navy sets.


Maybe you want to give the new dad something indulgent. A monthly wine membership is a fantastic gift. He'll definitely savor a glass or two when the baby's "witching hour" hits. Firstleaf is CNET's top pick for the best wine club, as it's perfect for those who have moved on from Two Buck Chuck and have a moderately experienced palate. Firstleaf's Classic Plan comes with six tailored bottles of wine delivered per month for $90.  And if this is your first shipment, you can get a promotional discount that brings it down to $45.

Blue Bottle Coffee

It's a fact: New dads need a lot of coffee. Gift him a three-pack of Blue Bottle's delicious coffee beans and add a little oomph to his morning routine. Choose from Roaster's Choice, Blend Box, Espresso or Cold Brew. Each set comes with three 6-ounce bags of whole-bean coffee.


The new or expectant father in your life will find Kodak's Luma 150 projector handy in quite a few scenarios. He can pop it in his pocket and watch a movie anywhere (the nursery, perhaps?), show off baby photos, or even project a presentation. Any gadget to simplify life with a little one is welcome.

Rick Broida/CNET

It's hard to convey the physicality involved with caring for a baby, but anyone can appreciate a nice massage. Gift the new dad or dad-to-be a massage gun for those long days and nights when he can't exactly scoot off to a spa. Despite its small size, the Theragun Mini packs a punch, releasing stress and tension with ease.

Bird Collective

It seems like the moment someone becomes a dad, they simultaneously develop a bird-watching hobby. Call it a complete crossover into adulthood, but you know you've made it when you stop in your tracks on a walk with the baby to observe a cardinal sitting on a tree branch. Help him identify the neighborhood birds with the help of this book, which is not only coffee table worthy but also offers in-depth info about common feathered friends.


The new dad is about to have his days filled with long stroller walks, especially if he wants an excuse to get out of the house with the little one. Help get his feet right with comfortable shoes that take about 0.5 seconds to slip on. Enter the Echo Clogs from Crocs, which not only feel like clouds but can also help dress up the new-parent uniform of sweatpants and sweatshirts.


If your new dad loves to hike and explore the great outdoors, help integrate his little one into his hobby with the help of the Osprey Poco child C]carrier. It has thoughtful features like a retractable sun shade that will protect the baby from afternoon rays; plenty of mesh pockets and cord loops for stashing things like toys, teethers, pacifiers and snacks; a removable drool pad to catch spittle, and stirrups for when the tyke's a little older. The baby needs to be at least 16 pounds and able to sit upright to use this carrier, so they won't be able to use it until they're 6 months old. But it gives Dad something to look forward to.

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