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T-Mobile Is Going Back to $60 Per Month Pricing for Home Internet Service

New customers looking to switch to T-Mobile's service will be paying more, and there's no longer a promise that the carrier won't raise rates again in the future.

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Eli Blumenthal
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T-Mobile is raising the rates for its home internet service. After news leaked online on Reddit on Tuesday, T-Mobile confirmed to CNET that it will once again be charging $60 per month for new home internet users who don't also have the carrier's wireless service. 

The new changes will go into effect Thursday, and the $60 per month pricing includes a $5 per month discount for automatic payments (or AutoPay). 

T-Mobile wireless users who're looking to add home internet after that date will still be able to get a discount, but how large of a savings will depend on which wireless plan they have. Those with Go5G Next, Go5G Plus or Magenta Max will get $20 off the monthly price of home internet, while those on other wireless plans will get $10 off their monthly rate. 

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Existing T-Mobile Home Internet users won't see their prices increase, with the carrier having previously introduced a Price Lock promise of not raising prices for existing users. 

New users will get a Price Lock promise, but it will be a bit different than what it has previously offered. The carrier is no longer promising that it won't raise prices in the future, but will instead offer to cover the final month of service if it ever raises prices and a customer then cancels service as a result of the rate hike. 

Locating local internet providers

Users would simply need to let the carrier know within 60 days that they are leaving to get the final bill covered. 

The new change brings T-Mobile back to a familiar price point. When T-Mobile first began rolling out its home internet option in pilot form it charged $50 per month for users who also didn't have its wireless service. In March 2021, it quietly raised the price up to $60 per month as it expanded for a wider launch before dropping it back down to $50 per month in October of that year. 

That pricing included taxes, fees, equipment and an AutoPay discount. Last year, the carrier adjusted its AutoPay rules to remove credit cards, requiring users to pay with a bank account or debit card if they wanted a discount. Without the Auto Pay savings, the rate would be $5 more per month. 

T-Mobile is the latest wireless carrier to adjust its pricing. Last week, AT&T revealed it would be raising the rates on its unlimited plans, with new users seeing the hike immediately and existing users getting their rates bumped in March.