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T-Mobile expands 4G LTE home internet service to 130 more cities and towns

The $50-per-month service still uses 4G LTE, but 5G service is "coming soon."

T-Mobile is expanding its home internet service.
Angela Lang/CNET

T-Mobile is expanding its 4G LTE-based home internet service, the carrier announced on Monday, bringing the offering to over "130 additional cities and towns across nine states." 

The $50-per-month offering, which is already available in parts of 450 cities and towns around the country, includes taxes and fees in its price, as well as unlimited data with "no data caps." T-Mobile says there are no annual contracts for its service or hardware rental costs for a modem, with the equipment also designed to be self-installed. 

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Among the states seeing an expansion of the service are Michigan, Minnesota, New York, North Dakota, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, West Virginia and Wisconsin. A list of areas can be found in T-Mobile's press release while those interested in the service can enter your address on T-Mobile's website to see if it is available where you live. 

The company did not give any firm expectations for what speeds might be in the new areas, though it touts on its website that its current internet offering is designed to allow households to stream shows, play games online and work simultaneously. One thing to keep in mind, however, is that the company notes in the fine print that home internet speeds may slow during "congestion" to other T-Mobile users, who have a higher priority on its network. 

T-Mobile, which has been talking about a home broadband offering for years, says it expects to start offering home internet over 5G in 2021. Last week T-Mobile CEO Mike Sievert teased during the company's earnings call that the carrier is continuing to "lay the groundwork" for a wider 5G home internet service that will be arriving "very soon."