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Get a smart Wi-Fi router kit for $66

Normally $88, this powerline-network bundle includes one extender and accommodates up to six more. Plus: the BBC's "Life" series on DVD -- free!

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Rick Broida
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Powerline networking kits have rarely looked as slick as this one.


Quick reminder: There's still time to enter for your chance to win an AmplifiHD Mesh Wi-Fi System! The giveaway closes this Friday at midnight, so get your entry in if you haven't already. 

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Locating local internet providers

Getting back to Wi-Fi, if you don't end up winning the aforementioned prize, you'll still need a way to boost the signal throughout your house. But mesh systems are superexpensive, right?

They are, so consider a modern powerline option instead: For a limited time, and while supplies last, you can get the Oittm Home Wi-Fi System for $65.92. That's after applying promo code HZACM9C4 at checkout. (Tested and verified at 7 a.m. PT.)

Locating local internet providers

Full disclosure: I haven't had the chance to test this Wi-Fi system myself, and as of this writing there are zero customer reviews on Amazon. That's because it's a brand-new product.

Here's what I do know: The system consists of two small wall-plugs, one oval, one round. Both are ringed in gold and look very stylish. The oval one connects (via Ethernet cable) to your modem or existing router; the extender goes wherever Wi-Fi seems weak in the house. The two arrive already paired, so setup should be pretty plug-and-play. (If you want to add more extenders, then you'll have to perform the pairing process, which seems very simple.)

The included instructions are short but illustrated, and the companion app seems pretty cool: With it you can check throughput speeds, reboot the router, set up "guest mode" access and so on.

Just to be clear, this relies on powerline technology, not mesh wireless. That means the router connects to the extender via the electrical wiring in your home. (I know, sounds crazy -- but it works.) Then the extender shares that fast, wired signal with the wireless devices around it.


Get "Life" on DVD for free! (Shipping: not free.)

BBC Earth

Oittm says this twosome is good for homes up to 2,000 square feet in area. Additional extenders run about $36 each.

The last time I looked at powerline kits, they were bulky, ugly things that were often challenging to configure. These modules are small and stylish, with the benefits of app-powered management.

Your thoughts?

Bonus deal: DVDs -- they're still a thing, right? If you still own and use a player, here's a deal too good to pass up: Daily Steals has the BBC series "Life" (Discovery Channel version) four-disc set for free! You pay only the shipping, which is $4.99.

From the folks behind the mesmerizing "Planet Earth," this Emmy-winning series gets you up close and personal with all manner of natural life -- from insects to primates and everything in between. Even if you're not into nature, you can't help but get sucked into the amazing visuals.

Alas, because these are DVDs, the visuals aren't quite as dazzling as they would be on Blu-ray or even streaming. (Speaking of which, the series is available on Netflix, in full HD glory.) But if you still live in a DVD-powered world, grab this. Amazon charges $31.99 for it.