Perform your own vision check at home for free

Skip the optometrist. Using EyeQue's Personal Vision Tester, you can generate your own eyeglass prescription for free, without leaving the house.

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Any opportunity to spend less time in a doctor's office is welcome, but right now -- in the middle of a pandemic -- it's not really even an option for routine visits like an eye exam. That's OK; if you're in need of new glasses, you can skip the optometrist entirely and do your own eye test at home. Right now, EyeQue is offering the Personal Vision Tester for free when you apply discount code STAYHOME at checkout. That'll save you $35 off the current price of the device. When you use the code, though, you don't get free shipping. EyeQue charges you $6 for that, so I suppose that you're getting the package for six bucks. Which is still an awesome deal. 

Before I get to the details, let me explain how to claim your mostly free PVT. Don't enter the discount code on the first checkout page, or you'll have the same experience I did: It'll reject the code. Instead, go through the whole checkout flow and enter the discount code at the end, on the page you enter your address and billing information. That's where you should see the price drop from $35 to $6.

The Personal Vision Tester is a device that works in conjunction with your smartphone to test your vision, one eye at a time. In just a few minutes, it can measure the lens power needed to correct your nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism as well as any near-vision additional power you might need. The app generates eyeglass numbers -- what your optometrist would typically scribble down for you to take to the eyeglass center -- that can be used to order glasses online. The numbers can be used for single-vision glasses, bifocals and even progressive lenses.

The first use of the EyeQue PVT is free, but after that, you'd generally need to pay a $5 annual fee for each family member who wants to use the device and the service. But if you sign up before the end of April, EyeQue will waive that those annual user fees for the first year as well.

The bottom line is that armed with the PVT, you can get a complete set of new glasses with lenses adjusted for your current vision, without leaving the house, and you only had to pay a total of $6 for everyone under your roof. 

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