Discover and celebrate your heritage by saving up to $30 on a FamilyTreeDNA test

Unravel your double helix of adenine, guanine, cytosine and thymine to learn about your family history.

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The big summer celebrations -- Mother's Day, Father's Day and the Fourth of July -- are still ahead of us. But National DNA Day is Saturday, April 25, and it's not too late to celebrate the work of James Watson, Francis Crick, Rosalind Franklin and others on the groundbreaking 1953 study that described the structure of DNA. Fun fact: 50 years later on April 25, 2003, the Human Genome Project was declared complete, with virtually the entire human genome mapped over a span of 13 years. Today, thanks to advances in computing power, it can be done in an hour. Nonetheless, in honor of the day, FamilyTreeDNA has put its three tests on sale. Depending on which test you choose, you can save $20 or $30. 

FamilyTreeDNA's Family Finder kit is now priced at $49, down from its regular price of $79. It offers ancestry testing, relying on autosomal DNA to determine the percentage breakdown of your origins, explore your connection with ancient groups and possibly locate DNA relatives. 

Family Finder includes MyOrigins, a visual mapping tool that provides a detailed ethnic and geographic breakdown of where your ancestors came from. You also get access to a module called AncientOrigins, in which you can learn about your family's earliest roots going back to ancient times by comparing your DNA with DNA from archeological dig sites throughout the European continent. 

In addition to the Family Finder Kit, FamilyTreeDNA is also offering the Y-DNA kit for $99 (down from $119) and the mtDNA kit for $139 (on sale from $159). Both of these kits dive more deeply into your family roots and heritage -- the Y-DNA kit helps you explore your heritage on your paternal line, following the migration path of your male ancestors and tracing your surname to its earliest roots. The mtDNA kit is about exploring your maternal line with similar deep dives into ancestral migration paths and connecting you with maternal-line relatives.  

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