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Save $90 on a 2-Pack of Nest WiFi Routers, Now Just $209

This kit comes with two routers instead of one router and one point unit, like other models, which makes it easier than ever to strengthen your connection.

Chris Monroe/CNET

We are all spending more of our lives online these days. Between work, school, staying connected with friends and family, shopping for essentials and many of the ways we indulge in entertainment, it has become essential to have a stable, reliable internet connection. Having the right router can make all the difference and keep you from having dead spots or lagging. Right now you can save $90 when you grab one of our current favorite routers, the Nest Wifi at Amazon, meaning you'll score a big boost to your internet for just $209

This Google Nest Wifi system comes with two routers. While this two piece setup is missing Wi-Fi 6 support, it still offers some of the fastest speeds out there for a Wi-Fi 5 router, with coverage of up to 4,400 square feet and the ability to handle up to 200 devices. Nest Wi-Fi points -- that is, the nodes that aren't the router -- are also equipped with a speaker and Google Assistant, so it doubles as a simple smart speaker. Just ask it to play music, check the weather and even deactivate Wi-Fi on specific devices. The system is compatible with the previous generation of Google Wi-Fi systems as well. 

Locating local internet providers

Locating local internet providers

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