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Get Your Spine in Line With This $12 Posture Corrector

Decrease aches and pains with this lightweight, breathable foam brace that sits comfortably under your clothes for all-day wear.


When your back is out of whack, you feel it. Exhaustion and pain can end up running you down over time. A simple posture corrector can help achieve the spinal alignment your body needs day to day after just a couple of weeks. Posture correctors don't just straighten your back while you're wearing them. This brace exists to help train you into the muscle memory necessary to sit and stand properly on your own. The corrector helps you develop an unconscious instinct for positive posture that becomes effortless as it builds confidence and presence, all while easing back, neck and shoulder pain. 

And right now, you can save 43% on the Truweo posture corrector on Amazon. Be sure to clip the additional $5 off on-page coupon offer so you can score this item for only $12.

Many similar correctors dig into your armpits or ribs, but the Truweo unisex posture corrector is made to be comfortable, with thoughtful design and breathable, washable, lightweight materials. Discreet under clothing, the latex-free brace is easy and convenient to use, and since you only need to wear it for between 20 minutes and two hours a day, it's not taxing to your frame. The brace is adjustable, fitting chest sizes ranging from 30 to 43 inches.

Whether standing, lying down, on the go or sitting at a desk all day, the Truweo posture corrector could help you or someone you love get the posture they need to feel good.

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