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Find lost items with a Trackr Pixel 10-pack for $9

Originally $25 (each!), this qualifies as one of the best gadget deals of 2019.

You'll pay less than a buck apiece for 10 Pixel tracker gizmos.

Always misplacing your keys? Your phone? TV remote? Wallet? Purse? Technology can help. And today, it can help for cheap. Like, insanely cheap. Today only, and while supplies last, Meh has the Trackr Pixel Bluetooth tracking device 10-pack for just $9. Shipping adds $5, but these things originally sold for $25 apiece.

You're probably familiar with Tile trackers, which I've written about often. The Pixel works similarly, tethering to your phone via Bluetooth and then clipping or sticking to something like a keychain or remote. Can't find your keys? Use the Trackr app to make the Pixel ring (and flash its LEDs). Can't find your phone? Press the Pixel's tiny button to make your phone ring (even if it's set to mute).

How does the Pixel compare with the Tile (apart from the very obvious price advantage)? The former's LEDs can definitely help if you're searching in the dark, and they have a replaceable button-cell battery, something Tile added only recently. (The batteries in question: CR2016. Here's a 10-pack for a measly $5.53. Stock up!) There's also an Alexa skill ("Alexa, find my phone") that's pretty great, though you don't actually need a Pixel; you can get it free and start using it right now.

The Pixel doesn't beep anywhere near as loudly as the latest Tiles, however, and many reviewers have suggested that Bluetooth range isn't great. I did a quick, informal test: I stuck my phone under a couch cushion, went to the opposite end of the house and pushed the Pixel's button. Immediately I heard the phone. Your mileage may vary, of course. Read CNET's Trackr Pixel preview to learn more.

And, folks: 10 for $9. Even if this helps you find misplaced items only some of the time, isn't that worth it? Keep a few for yourself, then put the others away for your Secret-Santa, Christmas-stocking and fourth-night-of-Chanukah needs. Because great gift item!

(By the way, the Meh folks told me that if you happen to receive a unit with a dud battery, which has been known to happen on occasion, they'll replace it for you.)

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Originally published earlier this year. Updated to reflect new sale prices and availability. Removed expired bonus deal.

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