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Bidet, mate: Save $100 on this easy-to-install smart toilet seat with heated water

The Bio Bidet BB2000 has a heated seat, a night-light and other handy features for $599.


You might be aware that the global pandemic is the catalyst that finally convinced many Americans to give bidets a shot (so to speak). As a nation, we've been perfectly happy to use scratchy toilet paper for a few hundred years. But when that paper was all sold out, we collectively said, "Let's give the European way a chance." If you've been hanging back from the bidet phenomenon, maybe now is your moment. You can now get the Bio Bidet BB2000 for $599, a $100 discount. This isn't as good as the $140 deal I told you about a few weeks ago, but if you missed that sale, here's a second chance to save some scratch on a top-tier bidet.

The BB2000 is available in both round and elongated shapes and attaches easily to your existing toilet -- just remove your seat and attach this one in its place. Then connect the water line from the bidet seat to the fixture that's currently running into the toilet. The whole process should take less than a half hour. 

After installation, your toilet will be transformed into a smart toilet. It features its own instant water heater so you always have a warm stream available, along with a slew of additional features like oscillating and pulsating cleaning modes, a bubble-infused aerated wash, a heated seat, a night-light, a self-cleaning stainless-steel nozzle, an integrated deodorizer and more. 

Of course, you can get cheaper bidet attachments, but the BB2000 delivers all those features -- the most important being the heated water and seat -- along with a handy remote control. Some things, I say, are worth spending a little extra on. 

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