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Amazon Prime Day 2019: Best deals still available on storage drives

You can still beef up your internal or external storage needs at a discount.

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Amazon's 2019 Prime Day sale has come and gone, but there are a couple lingering deals available at their top sale prices. Many of the storage drives -- internal and external -- are still discounted, just not as heavily. You'll find those below with the current prices. Listed after those are the drives that have returned to full price so you can click through to either beat yourself up for missing the deal or keep it in the back of your mind for when Black Friday rolls around. 

Or, better yet, Amazon seems to have gone from Prime Day deals right into back-to-school discounts, including a whole bunch of storage drives like those below. If none of the Prime Day stuff here interests you, you may want to click through to these storage deals

Note that CNET may get a share of revenue from the sale of the products featured on this page.

Storage drives available at Prime Day prices


Another rugged mobile drive with an IP67 rating for water-and-dust resistance, the G-drive claims transfer rates up to 560MB/s via its USB-C connection. That means it's fast enough to edit video and photo straight from the drive without transferring first to your Mac or PC.


Boost your laptop's performance fast with this drive that claims sequential read speeds up to 560MB/s and sequential write speeds up to 530MB/s.

Still discounted (but not Prime Day discount)

Internal drives


If you've got a laptop with an empty PCIe NVMe slot, this might be just the drive to fill it. 


This desktop hard drive is a great choice for any tasks where speed is a priority, and it comes at a fraction of the cost of an SSD with this capacity. The 6TB version is also on sale for 30% off.

Bulk storage without the slow performance, this hybrid laptop drive gives you SSD-like speeds with the price and capacity of a hard drive.

Other internal drive deals: 

External drives

This is a whole lotta storage for backing up all kinds files. It's plug and play for Windows PCs, but can be reformatted for Mac users. This is just a straightforward hard drive, though, so if you need additional features, you'll have to look elsewhere. 

Sarah Tew/CNET

This ruggedized, shock-, water- and dust-resistant (IP55-rated) portable SSD is ready to work wherever you are. It'll work with PCs or Macs and includes a USB Type-C-to-Type-C cable and a Type-C-to-Type-A adapter so you're all set no matter what connection is available.

Read our SanDisk Extreme Portable SSD preview.

This pocket-size drive is drop-resistant up to 2 meters and has a built-in USB cable for fast and easy transfers. Plus, since it's an SSD, it can do it faster than your average portable hard drive and uses less power.


This is a drop-, shock-, dust- and water-resistant portable hard drive with a built-in Thunderbolt USB cable capable of transfer speeds up to 130MB/s. Includes a one-month complimentary membership to Adobe Creative Cloud All Apps Plan.

Gone or full price

Running out of space on your network-attached storage? Not with a couple of these you won't. If you want larger, though, the 10TB is on sale, too, for $213.

Pure storage It's not a huge discount, but this drive was already incredibly inexpensive, so this just sweetens the deal. Preformatted for Windows, but can be reformatted for Mac. 

Sarah Tew/CNET

This is a great choice for Android phones with USB-C ports since it supports on-the-go (OTG) transfers. Just plug it into your phone's USB-C port and move files from your phone to the drive. You can then plug the USB-C connection into your computer or use the slider on top to switch the connection to a USB-A connector.


Like the Ultra Dual Drive except this has a Lightning connector for use with iPhones and iPads instead of USB-C. Need to quickly free up space on your device without storing to the cloud first? Here you go. 

This is just a fast USB 3.0 thumb drive that's incredibly inexpensive. If you'd rather have two smaller drives as opposed to one large, the 64GB version is available for $10


The Ultra Fit is another really inexpensive flash drive. However, while the PNY drive above gives you something to grab onto, this SanDisk is little more than the USB connector. That makes it better for keeping it constantly connected to a laptop, game console or car stereo.

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