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Prime Day 2019: The weirdest deals we've seen

Happy Prime Day, weirdos.

Jessica Learish
1 of 29 Art of Sport via Amazon

Victory-scented deodorant!?

This Prime Day, people will flock (virtually, of course) to Amazon to buy discounted appliances, gadgets and more. But there are also some quirkier items in the mix this year.

For example, Kobe Bryant's body care line, Art of Sport, is selling "Victory"-scented deodorant, among other things.

2 of 29 MerryColor via Amazon

Nicolas Cage pillow case

Terrify your houseguests with this reversible-sequined pillow case that, with a sweep of your hand, transforms from a shiny purple square into an inexplicably shiny Nicolas Cage.

3 of 29 Vintage Book Art Co. via Amazon

Gentleman Octo-Crow

Why does this crow-headed, man-bodied, tentacle-tailed creature need a cane when he clearly has 12 limbs? 

According to the Amazon page, this print is the "perfect gift idea for your husband, wife or family and friends."

4 of 29 Winnie the Pooh House via Amazon

These toilet-cleaning bears

Stick one of these bears in your toilet tank to keep your toilet bowl clean. You won't see the bear again — until you go to refill him — but you'll know that the hidden, plastic bear is doing your chores.

5 of 29 Cryptozoic Entertainment via Amazon

Rick and Morty: The Pickle Rick Game

Inside this stately, foot-tall Pickle Rick statue, you'll find a card game. The game follows Rick, in the form of a sentient pickle, as he attempts to escape from a heavily-guarded Russian compound.

6 of 29 Crayola via Amazon

Aroma Putty

You've heard of Crayola's Silly Putty, but this putty is [clears throat] serious. Aroma Putty, also from Crayola, is similar to the sillier formula — but for grownups. Each variety of putty is scented to aid in relaxation.

7 of 29 FurReal via Amazon

Jake the jumping yorkie

This battery-powered dog toy teaches kids to encourage your real, living dog to jump up on his hind legs for attention. We're sure that will go over well at your next dinner party, especially if you have a German Shepherd.

8 of 29 Beard and Lady via Amazon

Mythical beard oil

YouTube celebrities Rhett and Link of Good Mythical Morning have partnered with body care brand Beard and Lady to bring their Mythical-brand flair into your bathroom.

9 of 29 Play-Doh via Amazon

Play-Doh dentist set

"This time, drilling the teeth is the best part of the dentist visit," says Play-Doh in the description of this imaginative set. The battery-powered drill even buzzes when you turn it on. What... fun?

10 of 29 Art of Sport via Amazon

"Compete"-scented shampoo and conditioner

You can also score some discounted, "compete"-scented shampoo and conditioner. According to the Amazon description, this formula is paraben-free and is infused with citrus and green pear.

11 of 29 Art of Sport via Amazon

Art of Sport exfoliating body scrub bar

This bar of soap has everything: activated charcoal, volcanic rock and the endorsement of a five-time NBA champion. 

12 of 29 Wellpath Solutions via Amazon

Apple cider vinegar gummies

You probably have a friend who has recommended you start using apple cider vinegar as a wellness supplement. Now, you can buy it in gummy form. So, is today the day you finally listen to that friend?

13 of 29 BetterAir via Amazon

Probiotic air and surface purifier

This probiotic purifier, according to its maker, releases millions of helpful, probiotic bacteria into the air and onto surfaces to combat harmful germs. You know we love a good gadget, but we had no idea something like this existed.

14 of 29 Marshmello via Amazon

Marshmello merch

No, that's not a typo. Electronic musician and DJ Marshmello takes his association with the fluffy treat very literally, and sells a line of marshmallow-themed merch. But that's not all...

15 of 29 Stuffed Puffs via Amazon

Marshmallows with an unusual spokesman

Marshmello (the DJ) also works as a spokesman for Stuffed Puffs (actual marshmallows this time). And these chocolate-filled mallows will be discounted for Prime Day 2019.

16 of 29 Beard and Lady via Amazon

Mythical pomade

And this unisex pomade, also from Rhett and Link, will help you make your hair look like your favorite Youtuber's.

17 of 29 Family Handyman via Amazon

Family Handyman, paper edition

Ok, magazine subscriptions were totally normal 20 years ago, but in 2019, voluntarily signing up for more paper mail seems a little quaint. Nevertheless, if the family handyman in you needs something physical to read, it'll be discounted for Prime Day.

18 of 29 Blue Orange via Amazon

Djubi Dart Ball

Part darts, part basketball and part slingshot practice, this game is perfect for preparing your child (three years old and up, of course) to hunt small game for food in the zombie apocalypse...

19 of 29 Renogy via Amazon

Solar panel suitcase

And while you're prepping for end times, this 26.6 pound portable solar power station is also expected to be marked down 20 percent until Monday afternoon.

20 of 29 PlayMonster via Amazon

Plastic origami boats

These floating plastic bath toys provide all the fun of origami without any of the paper folding. But they do change color in warm water, so that's cool.

21 of 29 Nerf via Amazon

Nerf Doomlands blaster

If you need a large-capacity, semi-automatic Nerf blaster, here's your chance.

You know you want one.

22 of 29 Beyblade via Amazon

Battle tops

This is not your grandpa's top-spinning hobby. The Beyblade Burst lets you and a friend compete in a full-contact game of battle tops. Watch as your whirling avatars smash into each other in this traffic-paint-yellow arena.

23 of 29 Scientific Explorer via Amazon

Gross Clean Science kit

This kit allows budding scientists to make their own monster-shaped soaps and other gooey and gross-looking body care products. The real irony is, your house will be messy, but at least the kids will be clean.

24 of 29 Wicked Big Sports via Amazon

Gigantic collapsible pong cans

Bigger is better, right? If red Solo cups just aren't huge enough, these laundry-hamper-sized cans should do the trick. Just don't try to fill them with beer.

You've been warned.

25 of 29 Treasure X via Amazon

Treasure X excavation set

Follow the treasure map on a mini archeological dig to excavate a treasure hunter figurine and a real "gold-dipped treasure."

26 of 29 Criterion via Amazon

Criterion Olympic collection

Anybody want to watch 53 documentaries about the Olympics? Come to think of it, you might need to buy a DVD or Blu-Ray player to watch them.

27 of 29 What Do You Meme via Amazon

Stoner-themed meme game

What Do You Meme? is basically the Cards Against Humanity of memes. This expansion pack - totally legal for recreational use in all 50 states - is made entirely of memes about marijuana.

28 of 29 What Do You Meme via Amazon

Meme Puzzle

Need a puzzle for a rainy day? This one from What Do You Meme features the faces of all of your favorite memes at a Last Supper-style gathering.

29 of 29 WWE via Amazon

WWE championship belt

Sure, WWE made this belt for kids "eight years and older," but you're just a big kid with a full-time job, right?

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