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LG X Power2

Its whopping 4,500mAh battery promises to last two days on a single charge.

Huawei Honor 8 Lite

This is one Honor phone that sticks to a traditional single camera.

Lenovo Vibe Z

Lenovo's first LTE smartphone comes packed with high-end features, including a 5MP front-facing camera.

LeEco LePro 3

The extremely affordable LeEco Pro 3 is a satisfactory phone, but its unpolished UI makes the OnePlus 3 the better, safer bet.

Xiaomi Mi Max

The Xiaomi Mi Max's premium build, amazing battery life and super-large screen make this a good phone for watching videos and playing games but the size makes it hard to use with one hand.

LG C2000 AT&T

Despite its uneven battery life, the LG C2000 offers good value for basic phone functions.

Samsung Galaxy Grand 2

It lacks high-flying hardware, but this 5.25-inch smartphone could appeal to those shopping for a big-screen phone.


The Xperia T3 may not have the high-end specs of its top end brother, the Xperia Z2, but its big screen and good looks make it a fair choice for those of you looking for an attractive phone with a display large enough to enjoy movies on the go.

Samsung A711

If you liked the A701, chances are you'll like the A711; it's fundamentally the same phone, just faster.

Motorola RAZR2 V9 Ferrari Special Edition

There's nothing technically wrong with RAZR2 V9 Ferrari Special Edition but if you want to Ferrari-fie your phone there are cheaper and better ways of doing it. For free.

Motorola D&G RAZR V3i

This fashion-focused phone screamed \"tack-o-rama\" according to our simple tastes, but label lovers might be sold on the gold.

Sony Ericsson G705

The G705 looks like a nicely designed slider, but without any new technology or a smartphone OS to lure us to it, the G705 will have to be priced carefully, or we expect it to be lost amongst the crowd.

Sony Ericsson Z550i

The Z550i is a chic but sensible lower-end phone that does the basics well and adds a sprinkling of extras. We'd rate it higher if not for a significant text-related performance problem.

LG TU500

The TU500 isn't going to win any fashion awards, but underneath its pedestrian skin lurks a highly capable Next G phone.

Sony Ericsson W700i

Though almost identical to the W800i, the W700i is a well-made device that allows first time Walkman-phone buyers to jump in at a lower price point.

O2 Xda Atom Life

The Atom Life tries very hard to bridge the gap between serious business tools and lifestyle gadgets. It's surprising, then, that it's a better business tool than fun phone.

Editors' Choice

Samsung A701

While a decent phone in its own right, what makes the A701 stand out is what the Next G service brings to the mix, such as streaming video content and a high-speed connection to the Internet.

Samsung F480

The F480 looks good and is easy to use. The touchscreen is responsive and Samsung have designed a user-friendly interface. The F480 would suit anyone looking for a cool looking camera phone, just don't confuse it for a business phone.

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