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YouTube's new Analytics: How popular are your videos?

The video site has launched a new analytics feature designed to help users learn who's watching their videos, which ones are the most popular, and whether people are watching the entire video.

Lance Whitney Contributing Writer
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Lance Whitney
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YouTube users can now tap into a new analytics feature that lets them see just how popular their videos really are.

Detailed in a blog post today, the new YouTube Analytics feature will replace the site's current Insight page in providing reports and stats on uploaded videos.

As a step up from Insight, YouTube Analytics is designed to offer data in a more user-friendly format and make it easier to find and view specific information. Borrowing a trick or two from Google Analytics, the YouTube Analytics page begins with a quick overview of the basic stats on your videos and then lets you drill down to more specific details.

YouTube users can click on a variety of categories, such as Views, Demographics, and Subscribers to see which videos are the most popular and triggering the greatest number of hits. An Audience Retention category lets you find out whether people are sticking around for your entire video or ducking out somewhere in the middle.

You can also see how many people have added your videos to their Favorites, how many have liked or disliked them, and how many have commented on them. And a Traffic Sources category tells you how people found your videos.

To help people boost their traffic, YouTube has also spruced up its Creator Playbook. The playbook now show users how to tap into the new Analytics page to make better videos, grab more viewers, and earn more money, according to YouTube.

YouTube says its new Analytics page will be officially released today.