See CES 2016 in virtual reality

Visit the largest tech show in the world from your home. CNET brings you the best of CES in Las Vegas, all in virtual reality.

Lindsey Turrentine EVP, Content and Audience
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Lindsey Turrentine
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This time, what happens in Vegas is leaving Vegas, and right away. Since you can't make it to CES 2016 in person, we're bringing the show to you in virtual reality. CNET host Brian Tong hosts our first-of-its kind virtual tour, taking you to hot spots on the show floor -- you'll feel like you're right here with the most fun tech tour guide on the planet.

We've partnered with IM360, the same production team that helped us bring you our VR tour at E3 2015 in Los Angeles, to bring you to CES. In a few short minutes, we check out the major consumer electronics booths including Samsung and Intel to see their latest gadgets, including that crazy Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator. Brian also jumps inside Nikon's Project HeliX dome (a big hit at CES in 2015) where he gets captured in 360 by Nikon's cameras -- and with our own VR rig. How's that for meta? We end the experience with a cool VR perspective of our own CNET stage, where we produce our live show at CES.

To watch in VR, you'll need to get your hands on Google Cardboard or Samsung Gear VR, there are instructions on how to view the video at the bottom of this article.

If you don't own a VR headset, you can still see the video. Just click and drag the video within the YouTube 360 player above to watch a 360-degree, moving CES show floor tour. Or from your mobile device install the IM360 app (link below) and pan around using your finger or move the phone around.

A special shoutout to our partners at IM360 for making this possible. VR is going to be big in 2016, and we plan to show you more in VR. So get ready.

Viewing instructions for VR headsets:

Mobile Viewing & Google Cardboard

1. Download the im360 app from Google Play store or the Apple App Store on your mobile device.

2. Once you click this link to play the video on your mobile device, find and touch the "mode" button at top right of the screen. Click the 3D Side/Side option and the video will be ready to view.

Note: If you own an older Android device, this video may not work. Note your device model in the comments here and we'll ask our partners to add it to their library.

Samsung Gear VR

1. With your headset on, download the im360VR app from the device's Oculus store.

2. Find the CNET video in the im360VR app and enjoy.