Uber and Tesla partner up in Shanghai

An Experience Tesla promotion will give Uber users in Shanghai the opportunity to ride in a Tesla Model S.

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With all the attention surrounding Tesla in China, Uber is getting involved to expand how many people will get a taste of Tesla there. The Experience Telsa campaign will take place next Wednesday, June 18, in Shanghai, giving Uber users a chance to ride in a Tesla Model S.

Even more enticing for potential passengers is that users who manage to book a Tesla will get to ride for free. Furthermore, if you have a valid driving license, you'll also be allowed to test drive your Model S. There's only one caveat -- Uber's asking customers to limit trips to around 15 minutes, so others will get a chance to try out a Tesla.

"The Uber collaboration is only a pilot test at the moment," said a Tesla spokesperson. "We are providing test drive experience to potential customers in Shanghai through Uber. The test drive cars are provided by Tesla."

The exact number of Teslas available hasn't been made clear. Uber's spokesperson declined to reveal any numbers, saying that this was merely a "soft launch."

While the Experience Tesla event is only happening for one day in Shanghai, according to our sources this promotion is a precursor to Uber adding a fleet of Teslas in other cities in China, with Beijing most likely next on the list.

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