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Tesla's first supercharger station in Beijing now operational

Despite early stumbling blocks for its launch in China, Tesla is on the rebound as it rolls out solar-powered supercharger stations across the country, including one in Beijing and two in Shanghai.

Tesla's first supercharger opens in Beijing. Francis Bea/CNET

Despite the firestorm of controversy incited by delayed Model S deliveries to China, Tesla's first supercharger station in Beijing is now operational, Tesla's spokesperson Peggy Yang has confirmed.

The sole supercharger station in Beijing, located in the city's north east, is nestled within a small technology park -- the same location where Elon Musk handed over the keys to its first nine Model S buyers in China in late April.

Tesla's superchargers have canopies covered with solar panels to offset energy use from the power grid. The generated electricity is stored in battery packs.

The station sits next to Tesla's new satellite office, which is nearly complete. With the final touches being added to the building, Tesla's corporate employees were already working from this office by the time of our visit.

Tesls Beijing office
Tesla's new offices in Beijing. Francis Bea/CNET
Tesls Beijing office
Tesla's new offices in Beijing. Francis Bea/CNET

Plagued during the initial stages of getting its Chinese efforts off the ground, Tesla most noticeably received a negative reception for delaying delivery of its pre-ordered Model S cars. Tesla's delays were blamed on a lack of supercharging facilities and after-sales service stations for Beijing, as reported by PingWest. However Tesla's spokesperson has clarified that despite the rumors, the company has been delivering new cars on a weekly basis since the first nine were shipped.

Amid the initial negative sentiment and threats of legal action, Tesla appears to be speeding up its preparations to meet skyrocketing demand for its Model S within the Chinese market.

The first superchargers in greater China were officially switched on for public use as early as April 26, followed by its first Beijing supercharger, christened just two days ago. But the opening of its supercharger stations isn't the only evidence to Tesla's efforts to satiate the Chinese market.

Tesla has confirmed with CNET that it has opened two supercharging stations in Shanghai, with plans for further stations in Chengdu, Chongqing, Hangzhou, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen before the Chinese fall season as first reported by Xinhua. A charging station in Dalian city is also planned for the future.

The electric car manufacturer has also had US corporate, supply chain and after sales teams from the US in China to guide Tesla's efforts in the China market as its China operation is restructured.