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Snapchat may soon offer up even more games

Games from outside developers are reportedly on the way.

Snapchat on an iPhone
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Snap is reportedly venturing even deeper into gaming.

The company behind the Snapchat app plans to launch a platform later this year that'll let users download and play third-party games through the app, reported The Information. The platform has been in the works for at least a year, and Snap already has one publisher lined up to a game, The Information said.

Snap has struggled with growth and hopes to attract new users to Snapchat and get people to spend more time on the app. Games could be part of this effort. 

This past April, Snap launched new augmented reality lenses, called Snappables, for gaming with friends. You control the minigames using touch, motion and facial expressions and the experience can be shared with friends. For example, the "Bubble Wand" game lets you and friends compete to see who can blow the most bubbles by rapidly opening your mouth.

Snap isn't the first social-networking company to invest in gaming. Facebook said in 2012 that more than 235 million people globally played games on its site in a year's time. And in 2016, it launched Instant Games, which lets people play games directly in Facebook's news feeds and Messenger without installing new apps.

Snap didn't immediately respond to a request for comment.

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