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Search your Twitter Archive from an iPhone

Tweet Seeker is a free app that makes it possible to access your entire Twitter history from your iPhone.

Jason Cipriani/CNET

Ever want to search through your Twitter account to find a link to a specific tweet, only to discover the process is cumbersome and limited, especially on a mobile device? Sure, you can download your Twitter archive and keep a copy close by on your computer, but again, what about on a mobile device?

A free iOS app called Tweet Seeker makes it surprisingly easy to search through your most recent tweets. But due to Twitter's API limitations, developers can only go back so far through your timeline. So the developer of Tweet Seeker has made it possible to import your entire Twitter archive into the app, making every single tweet, mention, favorite, and even direct mention searchable.

Granted, there is a price to pay for such features. All in all, the total for in-app purchases available in Tweet Seeker will set you back just under $4 (£2.49/AU$4.99). If you'd rather only unlock the option to import your archive, you can opt to unlock it for $2. Just to be clear, the free portion of the app will allow you to search through your timeline. Depending on how much you tweet, it's possible it could give you access to the majority of your tweets. But for those who tweet way to much (I'm guilty of this), importing your Twitter archive is the only way to get full access to your account history.

Having your entire account history at your fingertips while on the go is fantastic. Being able to link someone to a tweet you sent just yesterday, or two years ago, providing thoughts on a topic, or your favorite joke is something avid Twitter users can appreciate.

Download Tweet Seeker from the App Store.

Hat tip to @Bettiol for bringing this app to my attention.