R-Rated 'Deadpool & Wolverine' Trailer Is Full of Easter Eggs

F-bombs, portals and TVA antics have MCU fans excited for what's to come.

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Kourtnee Jackson
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After teasing us on Super Bowl Sunday with a snapshot of Deadpool and Wolverine's buddy action flick, Marvel dropped a new trailer for the upcoming movie Monday. It opens with a back-and-forth between the pair that sees the Merc with a Mouth hurl a sassy insult at the beloved -- and ever-grumpy -- X-Man. 

While the teaser ad broke Spider-Man's record as the most-viewed movie trailer of all time, according to Disney, this one gets raunchier, bloodier and gives clues about what to expect in the film. 

Set to the tune of Madonna's 1989 hit Like a Prayer, this trailer gives us a peek at Cassandra Nova, known in X-Men canon as a supervillain and Charles Xavier's sister. Considered the "dark twin" of Professor X, she has a track record of wreaking havoc with her telepathy. In one scene, she pins Wolverine to the ground with his own claws. 

We already know there will be time travel with the Time Variance Authority involved, as it's recruited a variant of Deadpool, played by Ryan Reynolds, for a mission. And by the looks of it, they plucked this version of Hugh Jackman's Wolverine from a different timeline, too. For diehard Marvel fans, one of the biggest Easter eggs was seeing Wolverine sporting his sleeveless bodysuit -- a nod to the X-Men comic book tradition.

In another blink-and-miss moment, Ant-Man's big suit is now a home base for baddies, and there's a moment in the trailer where a group of them are standing in front of it. Did you spot who? It looks like Lady Deathstrike and Azazel are rolling up for the villains' rave too, undoubtedly to help Cassandra with some sort of wannabe mutant takeover. This movie is setting up to be a major segue for Marvel's new X-Men film. 

Closing the trailer out, the dysfunctional duo hop through a portal made of sparks, hinting that maybe Doctor Strange -- or Wong -- could show up at some point in the movie. 

Jay Maidment/Marvel/20th Century Studios

Deadpool 3 will arrive in theaters July 26. The film is directed by Shawn Levy, who also worked with Reynolds on Free Guy and The Adam Project. Additional cast members include Morena Baccarin, Emma Corrin, Matthew Macfadyen and Jennifer Garner as Elektra. Though we still don't know for sure whether Taylor Swift will cameo as the Dazzler, rumor has it that Tony Stark -- aka Iron Man -- will also make an appearance.