Catch Up on All the Super Bowl 2024 Ads for Movies, Snacks and More

Movie trailers for Deadpool and Wicked score big, while Beyoncé, Pluto TV and Apartments.com entertained.

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beyonce floats in a rocket ship with astronauts

2024's round of Super Bowl ads didn't bring any huge gotcha moments like Tubi's remote control trick from 2023, but viewers got to see more than beer and snacks. Verizon and Tony Hale helped Beyoncé break the internet, and Ben Affleck crashed his wife's studio session in an attempt to launch his rap career. Aliens were also a recurring theme throughout the evening, as Squarespace, Apartments.com and a trailer for A Quiet Place: Day One made them front and center. Keep scrolling to rewatch some of the funniest, entertaining and heartwarming ads of the night -- including some that spotlighted AI technology.

Marvel: Deadpool & Wolverine

Ryan Reynolds is back as foul-mouthed Deadpool and this time he's partnering up with Hugh Jackman's Wolverine to get into some things. Like Loki, he's forced into some timeline business with the TVA in Deadpool 3. The movie arrives on July 26.

A Quiet Place: Day One

Lupita Nyong'o stars in the prequel film for the franchise where being quiet means life or death. Watch the film when it hits theaters on June 28.

Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes

20th Century Studios dropped the trailer for the action film, which takes place in the future where apes run the world. 


Take a look at the first major trailer for Wicked, which stars Cynthia Erivo as Elphaba, the "Wicked Witch of the West" and Ariana Grande as Glinda. The movie is adapted from the stage play of the same name and the novel by Gregory Maguire. This prequel story follows the pair's journey before Dorothy Gale's adventure in Oz. Part 1 comes out on Nov. 27.


Minari director Lee Isaac Chung brings storm-chasers to the big screen with Daisy Edgar-Jones and Glen Powell starring in the tornado disaster tale. The film arrives on July 19. 

Dunkin': Ben Affleck does not impress J.Lo

Ben Affleck wants to try a new music career, and he find a little bit of support in Matt Damon, Tom Brady and Dunkin' Donuts. Jack Harlow? Not so much.

Verizon: Beyoncé Can't B Broken

Queen Bey and Tony Hale surprised fans as they tried to break Verizon's network -- all while teasing the singer's new music drop. Fans can also stream Beyoncé's two new singles: 16 Carriages and Texas Hold 'Em. 

Apartments.com: Extraterrentrials

Jeff Goldblum knows renters when he sees them -- Even when those rental-seekers are huge, unsightly aliens. In the sci-fi-themed ad, Goldblum helps the newcomers to Earth find the right apartment.

Squarespace: Martin Scorcese

More extraterrestrial visitation happens in this cinematic release from Martin Scorcese and Squarespace, but people are glued to their digital devices and don't even notice.

T-Mobile: Flashdance with Jason Momoa, Zach Braff, Donald Faison

Jason Momoa hits a high note and executes a superhuman backflip in this upbeat T-Mobile ad that pays homage to the 1983 movie Flashdance. The spot also stars Zach Braff,  Donald Faison and, briefly, Jennifer Beals.

Reese's Cups: Big change

Reese's makes a big announcement about a new candy, and it's a little chaotic. Say hello to a different kind of Reese's Cup. 

Dove: Self-love for girls

In its spot, Dove brings attention to the issue of girls quitting sports because of low body confidence.

Michelob: Things get Messi

Lionel Messi orders Michelob from a beachside bar and winds up whizzing across the sand with his dazzling footwork as he waits for his beer. Not only does he impress Jason Sudeikis -- aka Ted Lasso -- but Leo also catches a pass from a fellow Miami football star (the other kind of football): Dan Marino. 

BMW: Moves like Walken

Acting legend Christopher Walken attracts nonstop imitators in this BMW ad that also features a surprise appearance from this year's Super Bowl halftime performer, Usher Raymond.

State Farm: Like a good 'neighbaaa'

Arnold Schwarzenegger is game for this action-packed ad that pokes fun at his pronunciation of State Farm's slogan.

Doritos Dinamita: Snack battle

Doritos has been teasing more flavors and a new shape for its Dinamita's snacks. This time, the campaign includes Jenna Ortega with a pair of kickass grannies. Dina and Mita are the real stars here.

Popeyes: Ken Jeong unfreezes

Ken Jeong catches up with what he's missed after being cryogenically frozen for 52 years. Not only are there new breeds of doodle dogs, but Popeyes has permanently added chicken wings to the menu.

E-Trade: Babies flex their skills

A staple during Super Bowl season, the E-Trade babies are back trading barbs about pickleball -- while playing "tennis for babies." Winning at trash talk is not the goal, but the sales pitch may hold your attention.

Starry: Ice Spice's new love

Starry is Pepsi's lemon-lime replacement for Sierra Mist, and the brand is playing up that angle by recruiting Ice Spice to drop an ex for something new.

Booking.com: Tina Fey everywhere

Tina Fey uses the digital travel agency to do the opposite of narrowing down her choices, and enlists other versions of herself instead. A couple of her 30 Rock co-stars fill in as Splurgy Tina and Rustic Tina, while Glenn Close makes a cameo on horseback. 

STōK Cold Brew: Presenting Sir Anthony Hopkins

In a role that sees Anthony Hopkins bring gravitas and humor, this ad puts him in the shoes of Wrexham AFC's mascot.

Pringles: Mustachioed Chris Pratt

How much does Chris Pratt resemble the Pringles mascot? Equipped with a hefty stache, he unlocks his phone with a canister of the snacks and nabs a career-defining role as "Mr. P" in the brand's big game commercial.

Coors Light: Chill train

Coors invites viewers to chill with LL Cool J as he drives the famous train across the country -- at 900 miles per hour.  

Google Pixel: Guided frame

Google's ad highlights guided frame, an AI-powered accessibility feature for Pixel phones. Be warned: It's a real tearjerker.

Hellmann's: The cat's may-ow

In this ad from the mayo brand, a chatty kitty helps save Kate McKinnon from unappetizing leftovers. The vocal cat becomes a sensation, giving motivational speeches and even dating Pete Davidson.

Uber Eats: Forgetful Friends

Friends stars Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer run into each other, but it doesn't go down like you'd expect in this star-studded Uber Eats commercial.

Lindt Chocolate: It's a ball

A Lindor truffle takes flight in Lindt's Super Bowl ad, a cozy spot set to Perry Como's 1957 song Round and Round.

Mountain Dew: Parks and Rec reunion

Mountain Dew's ad brings Aubrey Plaza and Nick Offerman together for a swig of Baja Blast and a ride on massive dragons. 

Pluto TV: Growing couch potatoes

You won't view "couch potatoes" the same way again after watching this ad set on an unconventional farm.

Budweiser: Bring on the Clydesdales

Budweiser's fan-favorite Clydesdales deliver beer in a snowstorm. The trek gets tough, but a cute canine helps out.

Drumstick: A peculiar plane scene

You may or may not cringe while watching this Eric André-starring commercial from the sundae cone brand, which features people making odd noises while eating their desserts. 

M&M's: Ring of comfort

This ad from M&M's introduces a bizarre concept: Rings featuring diamonds made out of M&M's Peanut Butter. The point of the rings? To bring comfort to Super Bowl contenders (or in Scarlett Johansson's case, Oscar nominees) who didn't win. 

Bud Light: Genie in a bottle

When they unleash the Bud Light Genie, a group of friends wish for Post Malone, Peyton Manning and, of course, lots of beer.

Nerds: Dance with Addison Rae

Flashdance... What a Feeling is having a moment this Super Bowl. A new Nerds character dances to the song, and then Addison Rae snacks on a bag of Nerds Gummy Clusters.

Oreo: Everybody's doing the twist

Like to eat Oreo cookies by halving them? Oreo's ad incorporates the snacking technique, imagining versions of historical moments where people make decisions by twisting two halves of a cookie open. For example, Kris Jenner relies on a twist when deciding whether to pursue reality TV. 

Volkswagen: 75 years

Volkswagen, which is celebrating its 75th anniversary in the US, is running an ad during the big game.

Etsy: A gift with taste

What's a gift as good as the Statue of Liberty? In this ad, Etsy taps its new AI-powered feature called Gift Mode to answer that question.

Toyota: 'Woah, woah, woah' handle

In Toyota's ad, various occupants of a 2024 Tacoma refuse to let go of the passenger side handle.

BodyArmor: AI madness

Things start off pretty wonky in this ad from the sports drink brand BodyArmor. The AI-ified spot includes San Francisco 49ers running back Christian McCaffrey.

Ghosts: Movie time

Ghosts watching the 1990 movie Ghost? That's what's going down in this promo for the CBS sitcom called, you guessed it, Ghosts, which premieres its third season on Feb. 15.

The Foundation to Combat Antisemitism: Dr. Clarence B. Jones

The Foundation to Combat Antisemitism, founded by New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft, is releasing an ad featuring Martin Luther King Jr.'s draft speech writer and advisor, Dr. Clarence B. Jones.