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Now Almost Anyone Can Use Google's 'Magic' Photo Tool

Magic Eraser can banish randos from your pictures, and now more people can use it.

There's a camera tool that can put an end to photobombers ruining your treasured pictures. The feature is called Magic Eraser. The tool gives you the power to remove unwanted items or people pulling focus from both new and old photos without compromising the background with a blur effect. Previously, Magic Eraser was only available to people with a Pixel 6Pixel 6A or Pixel 7 phone, but Google announced via blog post that the feature is now available for all Google One subscribers, including iOS devices.


When you're trying to get that perfect image for Instagram, the rest of the world won't always notice you're taking a photo and could unintentionally end up in the background. The Magic Eraser feature should save you from awkwardly asking someone to move out of frame while giving you more control over what shows up in your pictures.

Magic Eraser detects distractions in your photos, makes suggestions as to what you may want to remove and lets you choose to erase them either all at once or one at a time, with a simple tap, according to a blog post from Google. Machine learning then predicts what the pixels should look like after you remove the unwanted elements from your photos.

Google's Pixel 6 Pro smartphone

The Magic Eraser feature in action.

Google/Stephen Shankland/CNET

How to use Magic Eraser

1. Open the Google Photos app. 

2. Choose the photo you want.

3. Tap Edit in the bottom toolbar.

4. Tap Magic Eraser. The tool will detect and outline potential distractions in white.

5. If you agree with the suggestions, tap Erase All or tap each item to remove them individually.

If Magic Eraser didn't correctly choose what you want to remove, you can manually circle something in the photo to erase it. 

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