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Metallica and Miranda Lambert release new albums as double discs

Sound Bites: Metallica, Miranda Lambert and Bruno Mars finally release their new albums for everyone -- even CD shoppers -- to hear.

New exclusives

New non-exclusives

  • If you want to show your age, you can pick up the two-disc CDs that Miranda Lambert and Metallica, respectively, debuted this week. (Though if it was a collaboration I might actually be interested.)

You've gotta fight for your right to stream Prince

The fight for Prince's music is getting heated. Jay Z's Roc Nation entertainment company and Prince's estate are fighting for the streaming rights to the late artist's catalog. Tidal is currently the only place to stream Prince's music a la carte, but after all of this mess, who knows, maybe you'll find it on Spotify again soon.

Gatorade knows which songs to put on your Spotify workout playlist

This one's for the gym rats. Gatorade partnered with Spotify to bring you Gatorade Amplify, an easy way to make an energizing playlist for high-intense training.

Google Play Music beefs up recommendations

Imagine landing in New York and automatically being recommended a playlist full of Frank Sinatra's most romantic songs about The Big Apple, or songs from new and noteworthy local bands. Google Play Music will begin to recommend music for you based on the what you've used the Google search engine for as well as signals like your current location.

Amazon Music Unlimited hits the UK, unveils US family plan

Amazon rolled out its streaming music service last month and now it's available in the UK, Germany and Austria. The company also announced that US customers will be eligible to sign up for a family plan.