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Google Play Music revamp taps into your life to suggest songs

The search engine is updating its streaming music service to provide more personalized music recommendations.

The updated Google Play Music will also include a new home screen.


Google is rolling out a new version of its Google Play Music streaming service this week that will recommend music for you based on the search engine's machine learning tools and signals like your location and what you're doing.

So if Google knows you're at work, for example, the Google Play Music app might recommend a "Chill Indie Beats" playlist. The updated Google Play Music, available this week on Android, iOS and the web in 62 countries, will also include a revamped home screen that focuses on music recommendations, the company announced Monday.

This enhanced personalization falls in line with what we've seen with other music streaming services. Spotify has the Discover Weekly playlist that offers suggestions based on what you've previously listened to, and Apple Music has a "For You" tab that offers songs tailored to each listener.

But for folks who use Google to manage their lives (calendar, email, etc.), the personalized music suggestions could be the most insightful of the music streaming bunch.