Lovefilm app hits iPhone and iPod touch, still not on Android

Lovefilm's now showing on an iPhone or iPod touch near you, with AirPlay support and credits and trivia from the IMDb.

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Nick Hide
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Lovefilm's now showing on an iPhone or iPod touch near you, but the Amazon-owned streaming movie service is still unavailable from the Google Play store on Android phones and tablets.

The new app, previously only on iOS for iPad, supports AirPlay so you can stream the likes of The Walking Dead and Vikings to your Apple TV and on to the big screen without bothering your laptop.

It has cast and crew info from the colossal IMDb site (also owned by Amazon) for all its films and TV shows too, for those frustrating "where do I know her from?" moments, as well as ratings, trivia and user-created themed collections.

There is a Lovefilm app on Google Play, but it only allows Lovefilm by post customers to organise their DVD lists. Consequently, it has awful reviews.

Amazon of course has its own range of tablets, the Kindle Fires, which run a separate version of Android with its own app store. Presumably it feels letting normal Android gadgets use Lovefilm would diminish its own products' appeal, but it's annoying for people paying £6 per month who can't get it on their phone.

Lovefilm's main UK competitor is Netflix, also £6 per month, but available on a much wider selection of devices, including Android phones and tablets and most smart TVs. The two services tend to divide up the films available for streaming between them, so you have to pay for both if you want a comprehensive collection. To be honest, Johnny English, The Green Lantern and Friends With Benefits don't really float my boat, but Netflix isn't much better for recent releases.

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