iOS 7 to have Flickr and Vimeo built-in, report says

The photo and video services will be integrated like Facebook and Twitter, rumours claim.

Luke Westaway Senior editor
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Luke Westaway

The next version of iOS will get a few extra social networks built-in, if fresh reports are to be believed.

Photo and video sharing services Flickr and Vimeo will be baked into iOS 7, 9to5Mac reports, citing "a person familiar with the software".

The addition of the two services is likely to mimic the way that iOS currently handles Twitter and Facebook, which have both been added over the last few years.

The report claims that you'll be able to sign into Flickr and Vimeo in iOS' Settings app. Once signed in, you'll apparently be able to quickly upload your phone's snaps to the network, and -- presumably -- add video clips to Vimeo.

Interestingly, neither Flickr or Vimeo are owned by Google, which -- if these two services do end up squeezed into iOS 7 -- may suggest that Apple is making further moves to distance itself from the search giant, having ditched its mapping service last year in favour of its own, terrible app.

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