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Android Key Lime Pie most-wanted features in video

What do we want next from Android? We rattle through our most-desired apps and features. Do you agree with them?

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The next version of Android is almost upon us! Google is expected to discuss what's next for its adorable green robot at the company's I/O conference in mid-May, so hit play on the video above to hear our most-wanted features.

In keeping with Google's confectionary-themed, alphabetic naming, Key Lime Pie is strongly tipped to be the name for the next version of Android, following on from the current Jelly Bean.

Recent rumours meanwhile reckon the next Android iteration will officially be version 4.3, and keep the Jelly Bean moniker. We won't know for sure until Google I/O, but whatever name Google opts for, there are some features we desperately want to see.

Cutting-edge Android tablets can already switch between user profiles, but how about bringing that feature to smart phones? Adding extra profiles would make your phone more flexible -- you could switch to a Windows Phone 8-esque 'kids mode' that limits functions when your niece or nephew is clamouring to play Jungle Run on your HTC One.

You could also switch to a work profile à la BlackBerry 10, keeping your boring, secret work apps separate from the fun stuff.

We also want a proper backup service to rival Apple's iOS, and more gestures to keep on top of new contenders like Ubuntu OS

Android is flexible enough that some of our most-wanted features can be performed in part by various apps or third-party services. That doesn't stop us craving Google-branded, built-in solutions, though, especially when it comes to cross-platform messaging or battery-management apps.

What's your most-wanted feature for the next version of Android? Is there a feature you'd like to see Google borrow from another operating system, or have you thought of something new that you'd like Android to do? Let me know in the comments, or on our Facebook wall.