iHeartRadio app is now available on Apple Watch

There's more freedom to use the iPhone and Apple Watch apps together to get the most out of your music, radio and podcast listening experience.

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iHeartRadio listeners can now enjoy content on Apple Watch.

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On Monday, iHeartRadio unveiled its new app for the Apple Watch, the company told CNET exclusively. The app arrives just as the Apple Watch Series 6 and Watch SE go on sale with a slew of health and fitness features as well as new updates in WatchOS 7

iHeartRadio lets you listen to music, radio and podcasts online or in its mobile app. Now, iPhone users can also listen through their Apple Watch. 

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In the Watch app, you'll find features like Search, Recently Played, Your Library (Your Stations, Your Podcasts, Your Playlists), Add to Playlist and Apple Watch complications, according to an iHeart spokesperson. This suite of capabilities is already leaps and bounds ahead of Spotify's first Apple Watch app release in 2018


Here's how iHeartRadio will look on your Apple Watch

iHeartMedia/Screenshot by Shelby Brown/CNET

Apple dominates the global smartwatch market, and iHeartRadio's 140 million registered users voiced their desire for an Apple Watch version of the app, an iHeartMedia spokesperson said. 

The iHeartRadio Apple Watch app operates as both a standalone watch app and a controller app. This allows listeners to listen through the Watch app by itself, or use it as a remote control for the iOS app. 

The Apple Watch app lets you quickly switch between audio content with just a tap of your wrist. This means you can choose to play audio from the watch while you jog, instead of having to keep your phone with you as well. It will sync all of the songs, playlists and podcasts you save with the iPhone version, too.

You can download the iHeartRadio app on your Apple Watch today, whether you have a free or paid iHeartRadio subscription. 

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