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Google's doodle tells users where to vote

The doodle may not be very interactive, but clicking on it gives users details about Election Day.

Google's search page doodle on Election Day.
Screenshot by Shara Tibken/CNET

Google's latest doodle may not be as interactive as some in the past, but it's pretty appropriate for the day.

The doodle follows an Election Day theme, directing people where to vote when they click on the Google search page image.

The first link listed is a box for users to enter their addresses for where they're registered to vote. Clicking "get my info" sends voters to Google's politics & elections page, with details about the user's polling place and ballot summary, as well as links to "insights," YouTube Live, and other election-related information.

Other links help users figure out if they're actually registered to vote and how to actually go about voting.

Voters across America are casting their ballots today to elect either Barack Obama or Mitt Romney as the country's next president. Social media and other tech companies are getting in on the act, with Twitter proving itself an invaluable tool this election season. The site has driven real donations and has provided information about who's tweeting what. And both candidates have leaned heavily on Facebook to reach potential voters.