Our favorite free apps for Election Day 2012

Be sure to check out these helpful apps to make the most out of Election Day 2012.

Christopher MacManus
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Christopher MacManus
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The granddaddy of them all. house.gov

Weathered by debates and endless political advertisements? We're in the home stretch of the 2012 U.S. election season now. Whether you've already voted or are still mulling politicians and propositions, there are plenty of apps to tap for an up-to-the minute perspective on the various battles.

Scan our brief list of mobile apps that can help you vote and stay in tune with the rapid-fire developments sure to occur tomorrow. Got a favorite app you're leaning on for election information? Let us know in the comments section.


The best of the best. AT&T

VoterHub (Free, iOS/Android/Windows Phone) - After an extensive look at the various app markets, we believe the non-partisan VoterHub app ranks as the go-to outlet for vital voter information. This one-stop voting tool provides a quick look at how to reach your designated polling place (in all 50 states), and includes a helpful "wait time" category so you know how long it should take to cast your ballot. Google offers an alternative voter information Web site -- potentially useful in case you run into any issues with VoterHub.

Honorary mention: If you run into trouble with voting or need an alternative way to find a local polling station on Election Day, simply text your address to 484.477.0738 or call 866.OUR.VOTE.

The candidates

Who will win? CBS News

Obama for America (Free, iOS/Android) and Romney-Ryan (Free, iOS/Android) - Democratic candidate President Barack Obama and his Republican challenger Mitt Romney both have full-featured apps available for voters. Aside from covering each candidate's stance on major issues, the apps deliver easily accessible information on where to vote, signup details for volunteering, and more. Other party candidates (such as Libertarian Gary Johnson) offer apps that you can easily locate by typing their name into the search field of your respective app store.

News, poll results, and facts

CBS News (Free, iOS/Android) - CBS News (disclaimer: CBS is CNET's parent company) offers solid election night coverage.

CNN (Free, iOS/Android) - CNN's app offers a wealth of information from its array of correspondents covering the election results. The app provides a live feed of the network (if your TV provider allows) for those who can't access a boob tube. Check out CNN's 2012 Election Races and Results portal -- widely considered as a trustworthy and steadfast source for voting results as they come in -- available to view in any browser (including those on mobile devices).

Honorary mention: Most news outlets carry the latest Election Day coverage as it boils on into the evening, including NBC News, NPR, Associated Press, ABC, Fox News, Politico, New York Times, the Washington Post, The New Yorker, BBC, and many more.

Truth or dare. Times Publishing Company

Settle It! PolitiFact's Argument Ender (Free, iOS/Android) - Find yourself needing an intermediary to settle the score during heated political debates? No matter the conversation -- whether it involves the economy or terrorism -- PoliticFact's app debunks the fluff and gives an accurate representation of candidates' stance on the issue backed by credible sources. Suddenly, the brain-draining political conversation at the dinner table doesn't seem so intimidating anymore.


Perhaps a glimpse into future Presidential debates. Chair Entertainment Group

Vote!!! (Free, iOS) - Who says politics can't be fun? Let's face it, we all need a little comedy to lighten the mood on Election Day. The creators of the popular role-playing game Infinity Blade came up with a hilarious slapstick-style experience that pits Obama and Romney in a virtual slugfest. You might giggle at the two candidates fighting each other with microphones, surely a thought on someone's mind during the recent debates.

Unleash your frustrations. Clever Fox Software

Bash the Vote! (Free, iOS, Android) - Bash offers some quick political fun (does such a term even exist?) by turning your finger into a mallet destined for the candidate's heads. Now you can take out your frustrations on the other opponent without having to worry about jail time in this unique whack-a-mole style experience. The app keeps tally of how many bashes that gamers inflict upon Obama and Romney for further amusement.