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Google Podcasts app is real and you can get it today

But not yet on your iPhone.

When you use the Google app to search for podcasts, you can launch directly into the Podcasts app (left) and it offers personalized recommendations (right).

Google's official podcast app rolls out today -- with typical Google SEO genius or irony, depending upon your outlook, it's simply called Google Podcasts. It boasts some interesting features such as progress across devices synced by Google Assistant and recommendation personalization.

Android (at least stock Android) hasn't had a preloaded podcast app like iOS, instead relying on the rather confusing process of using Google Play Music as your podcast browser and manager. Google finally delivers one, unsurprisingly tightly integrated with its Google Assistant software and Google Home speaker.

In addition to the usual subscription, download and playback controls, Google Podcasts uses the information it has about your subscriptions and listening habits to offer more personalized recommendations. It also syncs across devices with Assistant, so that you can pause playback on your phone and pick it up at home, for example. 

It's launching with its existing set of over 2 million podcasts, and is available globally in the Play Store's 47 supported languages

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