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Google Plus plots demise of private profiles

Google had warned that it planned to start deleting Google+ profiles that had not been made public sometime after yesterday, July 31. It's unclear whether this has started happening yet.

Google has warned Google+ users that any private profiles will be deleted starting sometime after yesterday, July 31.

Though the search giant initially posted the warning early in July, the deadline date has come and gone, meaning Google can now freely remove any Google+ profile that's not considered public.

In its earlier announcement published as a Help article, Google said it believes people can best use Google+ profiles to help them find and connect with other members online. And since private profiles don't allow this, the company is requiring that all profiles be made public.

CNET asked Google if it has already starting deleting private profiles. In response, a Google spokeswoman just reiterated the same information already found on the Help page.

Though Google noted that almost all profiles are already public, those still with private ones will see a message telling them that their full name is not being displayed on their profile page and offering them two choices: either display the full name publicly or delete the profile.

Google does explain further that although your profile is public, your full name is the only bit of information that needs to be displayed. By editing your profile, you can choose which details you want to share and which ones you don't.

People who want to make their profiles public can browse to Google's Help page and click on the link to "Display my full name publicly."

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Those of you who want to edit certain profile details can so by opening your profile page and clicking on the button at the top called Edit Profile. From there, you can click on each section, such as Introduction, Occupation, Education, and Relationship to add the appropriate information. You can also determine who can see each bit of information, with such choices as everyone on the Web, those in your circles, those in your extended circles, or only you.