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How to move your Facebook photos to Google+

If you're ditching Facebook for Google+, don't leave your memories behind. Sharon Vaknin shows you how to transfer your Facebook photos to Google+.

As a Google+ newbie, you might be wondering how to get all of your photos from your previous obsession (Facebook) to the latest spectacle, Google+.

Facebook went on the defensive recently when users tried to export their friend lists to Google+ for easy adding. Facebook blocked the service, leaving us users to fend for ourselves.

Well, listen, Facebook: you can take my friends, but you can't take my photos.

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To move your Facebook pictures, you'll first need to download all your albums, then reupload them to Google+. A Web tool like Move2Picasa will do this for you in one shot, but a field test deemed this service unreliable. Try our method instead.

Download your photos

Option A: Go to Facebook > Account > Account settings > Download your information. After some time (several hours to a day), Facebook will notify you that your download is ready. Download it, unzip it, and you'll find all your albums in the "Photos" folder.

Option B: Go to PickNZip.com and log in with Facebook. Click "Find My Photos," then head to Download > Download all photos. This will download all of your uploaded albums and any photos you've been tagged in. Once you've downloaded the file, unzip it.

Security tip: After using Pick&Zip, go to Facebook > Privacy settings. Go to "Edit Settings" under Apps and Website, and head to "Apps you use" and remove Pick&Zip.

Upload Facebook albums to Google+

Go to Google+ > View Profile > Photos > Upload New Photos. Click "Select photos from computer," locate the album you want to upload, highlight all of its enclosed photos, and select "Open."

Once the photos have uploaded, give the album a name, and select "Create album." Then, post a comment about the album and select which circles or individuals you'd like to share it with.

Tip: You can always change album visibility. Go to your profile > Photos > View all of your albums. Select the album, and change "Visible to."