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Google Maps Cheat Sheet: The Most Useful Tricks You Need to Know

Use these Google Maps tricks to optimize your trips.

Google Maps logo on a phone
Use these Google Maps tips at home or while traveling.
James Martin/CNET

Using a navigation app like Google Maps is a must when you're traveling anywhere, near or far. Google Maps can help you avoid long commute times, traffic hazards, wrecks, tolls and other potential obstacles. 

If you're looking for extra tricks and tips to make Google Maps even more useful, we've compiled a list.

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Google Maps tricks you'll want to use ASAP

Google Maps has tons of not-so-easy-to-find features, but CNET has dug them up for you. Here are some favorites that you won't want to forget.

Google Maps tips for foodies

If you dine out frequently, you may have used some of these Google Maps tips in the past when planning a dinner night out. See what else you've been missing out on.

Google Maps tips for frequent travelers

If you're always on the road, learning a few Google Maps tricks can help you along the way. Here are several to use while traveling.