iPhone 14 Cheat Sheet: Your Complete Guide to the Latest iPhone

Apple's iPhone 14 is out. Here's what's new, how to use the new features and whether you should get an iPhone 14 or not.

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Zachary McAuliffe
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Side views of the iPhone 14 showing the black, silver, gold and deep purple colors

What's new in Apple's iPhone 14 line? We answer that and more. 

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Apple's iPhone 14 line was announced at its "Far Out" event earlier this month alongside the latest line of Apple Watches -- including the Apple Watch Ultra -- and the AirPods Pro 2. We put together this cheat sheet to show you what's new and how to get started with the iPhone 14, 14 Plus and 14 Pro and Pro Max.

Which iPhone is right for you?

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Using the iPhone 14

How the iPhone 14 compares to other Android phones

Best iPhone 14 deals

More on the iPhone 14

Check back periodically for more on the iPhone 14. You can also check out CNET's cheat sheet on Apple's iOS 16 update.

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