How to make sure Facebook isn't scraping your call data

It's an easy process, but if you haven't done it yet, now is as good a time as any.

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Mark Serrels

An Ars Technica investigation discovered Sunday that Facebook has been gathering phone and message metadata from Android phones . Facebook claims it does not sell this data and that it was always an "opt-in" feature. Regardless, if you want to make sure Facebook isn't collecting this data, it's a fairly easy process and there's no real good reason to leave those permissions on.

Here's how...

Step one: Find your mobile phone's settings on your Android.

Step two: Scroll down to apps and tap on that.

Mark Serrels/CNET

Step three: Find and tap on Facebook.

Mark Serrels/CNET

Step four: Scroll down to Permissions. 

Mark Serrels/CNET

Step five: Make sure both telephone and SMS permissions are not selected. 

Mark Serrels/CNET

Relatively easy, right? With those permissions off, Facebook will no longer be able to scrape the metadata of your phone calls and messages. 

Good to go!

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