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The best Amazon Digital Day deals we've found

Taking 80 percent off Marvel digital graphic novels is just the beginning.

Amazon Digital Day 2017

Like Prime Day, but for things you can download.


The holidays are over, and it's time to load up your new device with digital content. Enter Amazon.

To celebrate its second annual "Digital Day," the retailer will offer discounts on thousands of products including movies, apps, e-books and TV shows. Like with Amazon's Prime Day, there is much dreck -- but also gems hidden among the rough. The deals kicked off at midnight -- though some came online earlier in the week -- and will continue through 11:59 p.m. ET today. 

(Amazon also happens to be offering a pretty great deal on its Fire tablets right now -- $100 for a two-pack of the Fire HD 8, a $60 savings, and $150 for a two-pack of the Fire 7 Kids Edition, a $50 savings.)

Here are some of the best digital deals we've come across so far:

Movies and TV shows

  • ""="">"Wonder Woman" (HD): $7.99 ($2 off)
  • Harry Potter movies (HD): $6.99 each ($1 off)
  • ""="">"Deadpool" (HD): $7.99 ($2 off)
  • Full seasons of "="" (season="" 1)"="">"Orange is the New Black" (Season 1), "="" (season="" 1)"="">"Ash vs. Evil Dead" (Season 1) and "="" (season="" 1)"="">"Mad Men" (Season 1) for $4.99 each, but all are available on Netflix for no additional charge
  • 's="" always="" sunny="" in="" philadelphia"="" (season="" 12)"="">"It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" (Season 12): $9.99 ($5 off) [no longer available on Netflix]
  • "="" (season="" 1)"="">"Big Little Lies" (Season 1): $13.99 ($6 off) [available at no additional charge on HBO Now/HBO Go]
  • Full list of video deals

PC and tablet games

Kindle books

  • ""="">"Modern Romance" by Aziz Ansari: $2.99 ($14.01 off)
  • ""="">"The Beach House" by Mary Alice Monroe: $1.99 ($12.96 off)
  • "="" (a="" song="" ice="" and="" fire,="" book="" 1)"="">"A Game of Thrones" (A Song of Ice and Fire, Book 1) by George R.R. Martin: $4.99 ($5 off)
  • ""="">"The Good Daughter" by Karin Slaughter: $3.99 ($24 off)
  • Full list of Kindle deals

Kindle comics


The landing page for the complete list of Digital Day deals is here

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