Apple Music's Monthly Version of Replay Recaps Your Music Habits

See what songs defined your mellow March or sassy September.

Meara Isenberg Writer
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Meara Isenberg

You can view your top songs and more each month.


Apple Music has launched a monthly version of its Replay experience that illuminates users' listening habits, Apple said Tuesday.

Replay is Apple Music's year-in-review-type offering that's similar to Spotify Wrapped. The new monthly feature means expanded listening insights for eligible subscribers worldwide, according to Apple.

Apple Music users can revisit their monthly plays by going to replay.music.apple.com, and logging in with their Apple IDs. They can take a look at their top songs, albums, artists and milestones of the month, given they listen to enough music to qualify.

When I did this on mobile, I saw a tab for January, which included how many minutes I listened to the service. Tapping "Top Artist" or "Top Song" took me to an expanded view of my Top 5 in those categories. (My top songs consisted entirely of piano tracks, as I aimed to increase my productivity after the holidays.)

When I switched to a tab for February, I got a message that said to check back in early March for insights. It also let me know I didn't hit any (music) milestones in January. 

Apple Music bases monthly insights on play count and time spent listening, according to the company's support site. Apple also offers a Replay Mix playlist, which is a route to listening to your "personal top songs chart of the year" and updates weekly.