Apple Music Replay: Find Out What Dominated Your Playlists in 2022

The revamped Replay feature gives users a personalized highlight reel of their Apple Music listening habits in 2022.

Attila Tomaschek
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Attila Tomaschek
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Apple Music Replay on smartphone screen

Get a personalized highlight reel of your year in music with the redesigned Replay experience.


Replay, Apple Music's version of the year-in-review roundup of users' listening habits, is available to Apple Music subscribers, the company said Tuesday. The redesigned Replay experience launched ahead of the anticipated release of Spotify Wrapped 2022 and gives listeners the opportunity to look back at their year in music, highlighting their top songs, artists, albums and genres of the year.

New elements this year include a personalized highlight reel and the ability for listeners to discover if they're one of the top 100 fans of a particular artist or genre. Replay also aims to make it easy to share listening insights across social platforms.

It marks the first big revamp since Apple Music introduced Replay in 2019. These annual summaries of our listening habits have become hugely popular since they give us a chance to look back at the past year -- no matter how absurd it was

"When we first launched Replay, the feature became an instant fan favorite on Apple Music, and we really wanted to develop the experience further and make it even more special, personal, and unique for subscribers," Apple Music and Beats vice president Oliver Schusser said in the release. "The music we enjoy throughout the year becomes like a soundtrack, and it's really fun to be able to go back and relive those meaningful and memorable moments over again."

To see your Replay statistics and personalized highlight reel in Apple Music, log in with your Apple ID and go to music.apple.com/us/replay. Replay can be accessed in 39 languages and 169 countries where Apple Music is available.