Apple iOS 15.5 Is Available Now

The update brings new features for Wallet and Apple Podcasts.

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Macy Meyer
Apple iOS 15

Its public launch is finally here.

James Martin/CNET

After releasing iOS 15.5 to developers last Thursday, Apple launched the new update more widely on Monday.

Most of the changes coming with 15.5 are minor, mainly tweaks to apps and updates that seem to lay the foundation for larger changes in the future. 

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The update includes two main enhancements: The Apple Cash card in the Wallet app will now allow customers to send and request money, and a new Apple Podcasts setting will allow users to limit episodes stored on devices and automatically delete older ones, according to Apple's release notes.

This may be Apple's last update to the iOS 15‌ operating system, considering the company is expected to announce iOS 16 at its Worldwide Developers Conference next month.

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