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Apple Could Train You if You're Thinking of Changing Careers

Apple's self-paced training and certification programs can teach you how to support Apple devices in the workplace.

A Mac and an iPhone showing the first page in Apple's new IT training program.
You could become a certified IT professional with Apple's new online courses.

If you're considering changing your career, Apple could train you. The company now offers two professional training and certification programs to teach IT workers or anyone who wants to start a career in IT: They focus on how to deploy, manage and support various Apple devices in the workplace. You can sign up for the courses here.

The courses are called Apple Device Support and Apple Deployment and Management, and they're sequential.

The Apple Device Support course covers tools, services and best practices for Apple products, and the company said the course covers about 14 hours of content. Once it's completed, you'll take an exam to earn certification and to advance to the next course.

The Apple Deployment and Management course will show you how to configure, manage and secure Apple products using mobile device management. Apple estimates there is about 13 hours of content in this course. Once the course is complete, you can take the certification exam.

Each exam costs $149 and recertification exams for unexpired certificates cost $49. Apple said it will offer scholarships covering the cost of the exams to students in its Community Education Initiative. Anyone with financial difficulties can also apply for vouchers from the Mac Admins Foundation to help pay for the cost of the exams. 

A certificate showing a person has completed Apple's IT professional courses

People who pass the certification exams receive a digital certificate that can be displayed on resumes, online profiles and job boards.


"Apple Professional Training helps anyone with an interest in technology ... pursue high-paying IT jobs with certifications that will stand out to potential employers," Susan Prescott, Apple's vice president of enterprise and education marketing, said in a release. "The new courses are self-paced and freely available, and we are working to ensure ability to pay isn't a barrier to earning Apple certification."

Apple is also offering in-person preparatory courses at community colleges and universities. A version of these courses was offered at Austin Community College in Texas in 2020. Maricopa Community Colleges in Chandler and Mesa, Arizona and Ed Farm, an education nonprofit based in Birmingham, Alabama, will offer the courses soon. 

The Bureau of Labor Statistics found the number of jobs in the computer and information technology field is expected to grow by 13% by 2030, and there are about 42,400 openings in this field each year. The median yearly wage for these careers is about  $97,430, which is much higher than the median yearly wage for all other jobs at $45,760.

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