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Amazon Music Unlimited Raises Prices for Prime Members

If you have an Amazon Music Unlimited family plan, you'll also pay more per month.

Gael Fashingbauer Cooper
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Gael Fashingbauer Cooper
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Amazon Music Unlimited logo

If you subscribe to Amazon Music Unlimited, your cost may be changing soon.


Amazon is raising its monthly fee for Amazon Music Unlimited, and the price increase will affect Prime members who are on the individual plan as well as people with the Amazon Music Unlimited family plan. 

The new prices are now listed on the homepage for Amazon Music. New customers will begin seeing the changed price now, and existing customers will see the increase on their first bill on or after Sept. 19.

An Amazon representative confirmed the price increase.

Amazon Music Unlimited promises unlimited access to 100 million songs, touting its on-demand, ad-free access, plus access to ad-free top podcasts. There's a 30-day free trial.

The Amazon Music Unlimited individual plan for Prime members was $9 per month and will now cost $10. The annual cost is going up from $89 to $99. Non-Prime customers pay $11 per month, so there's still a slight savings for those with Prime.

The Amazon Music Unlimited family plan doesn't have a special price for Prime members. That cost will go up from $16 to $17 per month, with the annual cost moving from $159 to $169 per year. The family plan allows up to six accounts under the same plan, each with personalized libraries and recommendations, and offers 90 million songs, as opposed to the100 million songs for Prime members.

Students currently enrolled at a degree-granting university or college can get the Individual Plan for $6 per month, on verification of their student status.

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