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5 of the Best Comedy TV Shows on Netflix

From Derry Girls to Fuller House, here are some of the best sitcoms and comedies on Netflix.

Katelyn Chedraoui Associate Writer
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Katelyn Chedraoui
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Sometimes you just need a laugh. That's where Netflix can come in.

The streaming service has a surprisingly large collection of sitcoms and comedy TV shows, made up of originals and licensed titles. Whether you need a distraction from a bad day or background white noise while you're working, these shows are sure to lift your spirits. Plus, only one of these shows has a laugh track. The rest don't, so you can listen to the sound of your own cackles.

Here are five of the best sitcoms you can stream now on Netflix.

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Derry Girls (2018)

Five Derry teens navigate life, love and Catholic school in this offbeat comedy set against the backdrop of the political instability of the '90s in Northern Ireland. Bridgerton fans will recognize Nicola Coughlan as part of the cast's well-oiled comedy machine. She plays Clare. You don't have to be Irish to enjoy this show -- being a Derry Girl is a state of mind, as Jamie-Lee O'Donnell's character, Michelle, says in one of the show's many iconic lines. You can watch all three seasons on Netflix now.

Sonja Flemming/CBS

Young Sheldon (2017-present)

Before he was a theoretical physicist, Sheldon Cooper was a boy genius living in East Texas. This "Big Bang Theory" spin-off follows him and the rest of the Cooper family in their small town of Medford in the late 1980s, as 10-year-old Sheldon navigates high school. The original Sheldon, Jim Parsons, narrates each episode. You can watch seasons 1-6 on Netflix, with season 7 airing live now on CBS.

CBC, Entertainment One

Kim's Convenience (2016)

Korean-Canadian family Mr. and Mrs. Kim and their 20-year-old daughter, Janet, run a local convenience store in Toronto. Between customers, friends and family turbulence -- Simu Lim plays the Kims' estranged son, Jung -- the series is offbeat and funny in unexpected ways. You can watch all five seasons now.

Ricardo Hubbs/Netflix

Blockbuster (2022)

Who could've predicted that running the last Blockbuster rental store on Earth would be so difficult? After the chain officially closes, store manager Timmy (played by Randall Park of Fresh Off The Boat) fights to keep the store open with his employees. The cast includes Melissa Fumero of Brooklyn Nine-Nine and comedian J.B. Smoove, and they all nail the witty, fun dialogue. You can watch the first season now.

Michael Yarish/Netflix

Fuller House (2016)

Everywhere you look, classic shows are being rebooted, and '90s fan-favorite Full House is no exception. With the original cast back, grown up and with kids of their own, the five-season show follows the Tanner sisters, D.J. and Stephanie, alongside their kooky neighbor Kimmy Gibbler in adventures that echo the original show's mix of comedy and heart.

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