Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 adds playable Loki as free release-day surprise

A pair of X-Men will join in August, and Blade will lead a bunch of dark heroes into battle in September.

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Loki joins the Alliance

Can Loki really be trusted, though?

Marvel Games

Get help! Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order hits Nintendo Switch on Friday and comes with a massive roster of playable heroes. But Marvel Games revealed a trick up its sleeve during its San Diego Comic-Con panel on Thursday -- Thor's mischievous adopted brother Loki joined the brawler as a playable character for its release.

To unlock him, you'll need to complete the game's ninth chapter and complete a pretty intense boss rush in the third Infinity Trial grid (Sigma). He's not the only unlockable character, but we won't spoil the others here. Loki can send out clones of himself during battle and use icy attacks, according to our sister site Comicbook.com. Seems like a fun way to get our Loki fix as we await his Marvel Cinematic Universe-set Disney Plus series, which is due out spring 2021 as part of its Phase 4 lineup.


A pair of X-Men will join Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 next month.

Marvel Games

Loki will be followed into battle by stoic X-Men heroes Cyclops and Colossus on Aug. 30, and everyone in the roster will get a bunch of alternate costumes (which better include Ben Reilly's Spider-Man costume) through the rest of this year and in early 2020. All that stuff will be free.

However, you'll have to shell out for the $20 expansion pass if you want to get the three downloadable content packs with extra story content and characters. The first of these, Curse of the Vampire, adds Marvel Knights heroes Blade, Moon Knight, Morbius and Punisher on Sept. 30. And we found out on Saturday that Blade will come to the MCU.


Some of Marvel's moodiest heroes are coming to the game in September.

@AgentM Twitter/Marvel Games

After that, we'll get a pack focusing on the X-Men (please include Jean Grey!) later in 2019 and a final one centered on the Fantastic Four (fingers crossed for Doctor Doom!) next year. 

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They aren't available separately, but you'll get a chef Deadpool outfit right now if you buy the expansion pass -- perfect if you decide to whip up some chimichangas for your gaming session.

We also saw about 20 minutes of gameplay footage from Marvel's upcoming Avengers game -- one that got a mixed reception at E3 -- during the panel.

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Updated July 22 at 2:35 a.m. PT: Adds method for unlocking Loki and some related MCU announcements.

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