Marvel's Avengers game footage brings punch to San Diego Comic-Con 2019

The Square Enix title revealed substantially more gameplay for the game's prologue.

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Square Enix's Marvels Avengers game got a longer look at San Diego Comic-Con.

Square Enix

One month after the mixed response Marvel's Avengers received at E3 2019, the Square Enix game got a longer look from fans during the Marvel Games Hall H panel at San Diego Comic-Con on Thursday.

About 20 minutes of gameplay footage was shown, taking place during the same San Francisco disaster first seen at E3 2019 but also showing substantial gameplay with each of the characters. The footage was screened for Comic-Con attendees very early, as it's not set to hit the internet until one week after Gamescom in August.

Starting off with Thor , the thunder god uses God of War-style moves to dispatch baddies with his hammer. The guy sounds a bit arrogant. He rescued one civilian while saying something that sounded like "Lucky for you, I am mighty," while the civilian just responds with "Thank you Thor."

Most interestingly was a moment where Thor was able to electrocute several armed men, lifting them off the ground at the same time  -- reminiscent of a Jedi power from Star Wars.

The demo in general emphasizes all the punches and explosions, including as gameplay shifts over to Tony Stark, who in this level is seen flying around a deteriorating Golden Gate Bridge and firing away at enemies flying around the bridge.

The game then shifts to Bruce Banner as he leaps out of the plane that Black Widow is flying, transforming into Hulk for lots and lots of Hulk-smashing. Hulk's gameplay includes grabbing enemies and using them as weapons, grabbing two and bashing them together and grabbing sections of the bridge to use as weaponry too.

Following all that Hulk-smashing, the game shifts to Captain America , who swings his shield like a boomerang several times. And yes, while the characters still do not look like their MCU counterparts, this Cap does a roundabout kick that looked very inspired by Chris Evans' performance from the films.

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As Cap's section ends, a scene shows a young woman who looks like Kamala Khan as she is accidentally knocked onto a vent that has green gas emanating from it. Maybe it's a tease for Ms. Marvel? While that's not confirmed yet, a definite addition to this prologue is the Taskmaster, driving into the game with a bomb.

Black Widow's section launches straight into a battle with Taskmaster, as she runs across the deteriorating bridge to catch him as he flies around. She leaps onto him, delivers a series of punches, and ultimately the two finish their fight on the bridge. Black Widow's gameplay looks very similar to Lara Croft -- which makes sense since Crystal Dynamics develops that series -- with Natasha Romanov flipping multiple times and lighting up Taskmaster with plenty of bullets. Romanov also has a few extra tricks, including the ability to turn invisible and launch a charged-up, electrified punch as her finishing move in this battle.

As their battle ends though, the same disaster seen in the E3 reveal takes place with the ship that held many civilians celebrating Avengers Day plummeting into the ocean. Also made clear at the panel is that, as of the prologue, Captain America's character is considered dead. (But this is Marvel, he'll probably come back.) The footage concludes with a montage of scenes that show the heroes fighting. Creative director Shawn Escayg noted the story will continue five years after the prologue that was seen.

Also discussed was an element of the game in which players can customize the team that they play as. These included a Hulk wearing a suit, alternate colors for Iron Man's costume and a viking-themed Thor.

The single-player and multiplayer co-op game is set to be released May 15. While the game will have downloadable content, it was revealed that there won't be loot boxes. The game will have free characters and regions for players who buy the base game.

Voice actors for the game include many veteran actors like Troy Baker as Bruce Banner, Jeff Schine as Captain America, Travis Willingham as Thor, Laura Bailey as Black Widow and Nolan North as Tony Stark.

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